One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
Mike Monteiro


Binary makes a hate machine

Binary thought

in its last days

as we get more triadic

15K plaudits

on Medium


it must be in its death throes


I spoke my mind on Twitter

in Feb. 2008

I now have 2 and 30k

not friends not enemies

just saying there’s no right way

values tell

and dictators begone


My speech does not elicit hate

I am a nomad

a no one

years unscathed

a bit of influence

I’m happy if

on just one


Calling Twitter hate machine

is rank



as it can be

Applause rings out

on any side of two

Listen for a hollow echo


My time in SF told me

it is cold

No place to find a friend

but that’s beside the point

One moves

Time folds


I lose followers

like rain

Something offends

or bores

I have the same problem

with me they do


A tweet is more than

we may see

It creeps around and registers

way beyond our ken

I can say anything I like

as much now as before


The internet is new each day

and so are we

When that’s no longer true

I’ll mourn for real