Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


What do you expect when you call

An Answer

Sure, an answer

You verbalize and lo

An answer comes


Thus Heaven Operates

We call


And other holy names

Then wait

An answer comes


I called on Jesus two decades ago

I called on Abba

(Jesus’ Heavenly Father)

Almost four decades ago

I took Abba to to be the holy Word

Noted in the Bible

And again in the Gospel of John

When I called on Abba I heard back

We have conversed for years

I see no reason to think I was wrong

Abba is the Word

The literal voice of “I am”

The voice of Jesus is different

Jesus’ voice is always tinged with humor

And clearly he’s available to anyone

Abba is available as well

The two are my most constant friends

I tap my heart and speak their name

And they are there


Call on any source of help you wish

Angels, Guides, Spirits, your Higher Self

You’ll recognize contact with Heaven’s realms

You’ll recognize what comes from higher planes

We all get desperate from time to time

We’re meant to call with confidence divine

We’re Souls much larger than our earthly forms

By calling Home our Spirit Life is born



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