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Ev Williams

Centralization and Dispersion are Linked

Face it finding things is paramount. A wandering mind needs access. For this reason good centralization enables you to find everything or almost everything. This is why I devoutly hope Twitter will become a paragon of centralization, the place where you can find anyone. I do not want ten central places. One will do.

Good centralization breeds good dispersion.

Eventually one hopes everyone will be able to connect with utterly everyone who really is on their individual wavelength.

Minds meeting.

If the price of making this possible is centralization, bring it on.

Goodness and badness is the only spectrum that is truly universal. the only standard of judgment that makes sense.

It really is the case that we should be about reducing harm, understood as what it is, hurting, excluding, denying freedom and eventually killing.

Binaries like centralization VERSUS dispersion are just that, irrelevant to the solution.