Climate Control

Climate Control

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Vast Antarctic ice shelf a few years from disintegration, says Nasa

Ideally, we won’t pollute, make dumps of oceans or poison land. For now, let’s prevent those who do.

Climate control would be easy if we used technology to neaten things up and restrain us from fouling oceans and poisoning the fields and making air unbreathable.

We might even share in the exercise by being a bit more attentive about what we throw where.

That we are sloblike is the logical inference to be drawn from our performance to date.

That this can melt icecaps is only now beginning to dawn on us. That it could raise the oceans will dawn soon. That it can produce killer draughts and turn cyclone alleys into veritable freeways for twisters — that may also be in the cards.

I see an upside.

We could admit our sloblike proclivities and do what it will take to allow them free rein without endangering the planet. This is a matter of design and decision about how we live.

While we are deciding whether to keep the polluters in power, we should give some attention to things like car-free communities, creating new jobs for those who would make the world less slob-like and thinking about how each of us can best use time and talent to tilt the balance from passivity to control.