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I am gravitating toward a form of communication that, if I am satisfied with it, I will say is a valid indication that I and anyone else can communicate with anyone on the other side.

I deal with these matters on my Twitter site https://twitter.com/stephencrose

Stephen Curtiss Rose5 days ago

@Richard Martini MartiniZone Folk I’ve known or known of you might enjoy interviewing. William Sloane Coffin, Jr, Bishop James Pike, Malcolm Boyd, Will D. Campbell, Brenda Campbell, Ingo Swann., Pete Seeger. Leadbelly.

From @Richard Martini MartiniZone

That’s fun! What an adventure you’ve had. So — here’s the idea. Since you’ve known them (and I have not) or met them, you’re familiar with their frequency on some level. So make a list of ten or twenty questions. Think of it as a game that anyone can play. Ask questions you can’t know the answers to — but perhaps can look up later. I ask the same questions to everyone. If Jennifer is not available (it’s like having a cellphone to the flipside) I do my dixie cup on a string method. Take out a photograph of them, imagine they’re sitting across from you and ask the same questions to each one.. Ask them about their journey, what they’ve learned since they crossed over. You can research their replies — and focus on details that I would never think to focus on. The reason Jennifer and I do this is to demonstrate that it’s not hard at all. If I can do it — anyone can. Don’t need a medium — it helps — but sometimes they’re interpretation won’t be yours. Knock on wood.

Stephen Curtiss Rose5 hours ago

@Richard Martini MartiniZone This will unfold. I will use this comment thread to communicate. This will be fun as I will try to create some bridges to what I know you are aware of. I will give you a profile so you won’t be flying blind. I want to start with Leadbelly who I never knew directly but was saturated with as a pre-teen and beyond. Plenty of his music on YT. Huddie Ledbetter. These are questions I do not know full answers to. I think his answers would reveal their authenticity. 1. What was your first memory of meeting Alan Lomax? How long were you in jail? Did you commit the crimes you did time for? Do you have particular memories of being in prison? When did you start playing and singing? How did you settle on a 12 string guitar? Was it a Marveltone? What was your most successful song? And regarding his Flipside life? Did you believe you would live on? When did you know it is true? Who was your close circle when you became accustomed to your new home? What are you doing now? Do you still write songs? How do you react to the racial strife that persists in the world? Do you keep up with things on earth? This is a first attempt and I hope this leads to great things. PROFILE Famed musician Lead Belly was born in Mooringsport, Louisiana, in the late 1880s. Lead Belly was imprisoned in Texas for murder in 1918. According to tradition, he won his early release in 1925 by singing a song for the governor of Texas. Lead Belly was imprisoned again, for attempted murder, in 1930. There, he was “discovered” by folklorists John Lomax and Alan Lomax, who were collecting songs for the Library of Congress. Subsequently, he published 48 songs.

Stephen Curtiss Rose4 hours ago

The bridges I see are between folk I know you know and folk I provide info regarding. This is almost inexhaustible so it can be selective. Clearly Lead Belly was huge if largely forgotten save for Goodnight Irene. Someone like Prince would be more than happy to be a bridge. Any major music sorts also. Janis. Jimmy Hendrix. Alan Lomax. And John Hammond. These would be impressive additions to the class if they are not already there — and a fund of knowledge for the future. I also knew Rita Hayworth and Orson Wells when they were togethes. .


1. What was your first memory of meeting Alan Lomax? I think we first met in Shreveport at the Depot.

2. How long were you in jail? Too long. Too many times. I was out of jail by the time I began to be known.

3. Did you commit the crimes you did time for? I did. I was strong as an ox. I did not know my own strength. Liquor did not agree with me. I fought all the time. I didn’t think.

4. Do you have particular memories of being in prison? I remember the lonesomeness. The longing to break free. You know the story. I did get out. I got pardoned.

5. When did you start playing and singing? As soon as I could. I played guitar and squeezeboxes. It was there from the start.

6. How did you settle on a 12 string guitar? Was it a Marveltone? I had a Marveltone. I had many 12 string guitars. It didn’t make a difference as long as they didn’t break. Marveltone was strong. I loved the 12 string. Still do.

7. What was your most successful song? Irene sung by others.

8. Did you believe you would live on? When did you know it is true? I didn’t know anything until I knew I was not dead when the last moment came. I didn’t know I would live on. I swear I was flabbergasted by the love I got. It was like nothing I had ever known. I know a lot more now.

9. Who was your close circle when you became accustomed to your new home? I have no close circle. I have a huge congregation of those I know as souls of all shapes and sizes and sexes and I have the scenes I see whenever I think about things. I have been here for a long time in human years but it feels like I was always here and at the same time that I got here from my earth life yesterday.

10. What are you doing now? Do you still write songs? I play songs sometimes. I do it for kids. I do requests. Someone comes up to me says Huddie play Ha Ha This A Way. And I light up. I don’t write anything. Don’t need to.

11. How do you react to the racial strife that persists in the world? Same way I always did. Just like I did when I wrote about Mr. Hitler and Washington, DC. Bourgeois Town

12. Do you keep up with things on earth? I’m not sure what that means. If you mean do I hang around watching things, no. Too much right here.

13. Do you mind if we continue this? Course not. I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. And I know you. You were the only white kid I ever saw who could actually sing like me.

FROM Richard Martini MartiniZone

14 hours ago

Cool Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. Fun to do.

TO Richard Martini MartiniZone This is where I see it. Toe in the water. I shall have the progressive work done on a Word Doc which you can request anytime. I have two forms of guidance — My Consortium — 24/7 always available higher self and anyone else who is there. Then fr my writing ABBA who has been there for decades, JESUS who is here in his laughing humorous mode and is infinitely giving, and ATUN RE who is my contact for this sort of work extending through all earth history. I am the new boy on the block when it comes to what this is. I am seeing if the same mode I receive these wonderful beings works with folk I don’t know or do know and want to see become wider and more evidentially known. I will alert you as I progress via this channel and confine the actual work to the Document and possibly to MEDIUM where I have several thousand posts. Sorry to be so long winded but if I do anything I get into it and this has been a constant objective.

William Sloane Coffin, Jr.

I knew William Sloane intensely as a senior at Williams College in 1977-’58. We each had highly individual but ultimately similar approaches to life. We were rebels and iconoclasts and change-agents.

Both of us a made a mark in that pregnant year. I by resigning from my fraternity to protest its racial myopia and Bill by establishing himself as a unique voice, enlivening religion on campus, and becoming a fierce opponent of the fraternity system that year.

My resignation sparked broad reaction and Bill’s support made our alliance palpable though I have always made it a practice to ally with no one. In this time we became more than friends. After I left my fraternity and at Bill’s invitation moved in with him, his then-wife Eva Rubinstein (daughter of Arturo Rubinstein, the pianist) and their new daughter Amy.

I lived down the hall on the second floor in the back.

Bill thought I needed more self-love and was correct. I was set on being a perfect sort. I did not listen. The resignation tore up my father who was a conservative Williams alumnus. I remember sitting in the house of the President of the College as my father tried somehow to change things. No avail. Finally, some frat boys shot up Bill’s house, firing through the front window and narrowly missing Amy and a babysitter. They were canned. Bill later joked: “If you want Rose, he lives in the back.”

The two of us moved along separate channels, he to Yale and eventually into notional prominence as a peace activist.

I became founder-Editor of Renewal in Chicago down on LaSalle Street and later crashed my career in 1969 by demonstrating vocally and openly for Reparations in Chicago.

We did not fall out but he was well-aware that I had less interest in anti-war than I did in keeping the dream of a Beloved Community alive.

I am interested in how we will communicate as I follow Richard Martini’s method of asking him questions, now that he is in Spirit.

Bill (June 1, 1924 — April 12, 2006) 81 at death


Bill, we almost became strangers over the years. You kept on but I lost my career but not really because I have it back now as it should have been all along. How is Heaven treating you? Steve I have to measure my words. Because all kind of reactions are coming to the fore. I think the small measure of time in which you and I had closeness were among the most momentous of my life. I think I did not know who you were because you were so self-effacing and there were many things left unsaid that under the sign of unconditional love are transparently clear. I think you have come to see me as well.

What memories do you have from when you became a the Williams chaplain. I was surprised as was the college and most of my friends that this had happened. But it immediately meant that my brash and aggressive qualities were activated and I lost little time in becoming a bete noir on campus. My memories were of feeling quite alone but for the closeness I then had with Eva and our daughter Amy.

Did you oppose fraternities and exclusive houses at Yale? You were Skull and Bones, the top of the hill so to speak? That is a sore point now. I was a Yale guy. I cut slack. I would go just so far and no farther. I was revered. I quoted Niebuhr who I see became a problem for you. And while fraternities at Williams were abolished, they remain in place in New Haven. Oddly Yale for me had a blurred aspect. I think losing my relationship with Emma pained me more than I ever acknowledged. Well that is enough of an answer I think.

What comments do you have about your time in the CIA? None. It is not that I could not have comments. But there is little to say that would not simply put others at risk — rather their families and relations who survived them. It was part of my identity. I may talk about it sometime.

Do you feel you led a double life and if so how? Yes I did lead a double life somewhat as you may have also Steve. I came from a privileged family. You and I were both ordained in the same Park Avenue Church. If you mean was my CIA stint a double life matter. I actually knew then and now that the CIA was a nest of folk like you and me.

If you could do things over what would you change? I’m not going to comment. I will say not a thing would I change. And that is true in retrospect. But I came here as many do with a lot of unresolved baggage.

(I inserted a question: Are you reincarnated? Yes. It is all related. I will not speak of it because there are lives presently involved.)

What are you doing now? Well you know that here we are more than who we were, we are conscious of our identity and our Soul family. But I work mainly in New Haven seeking to help things there. I play a lot of tennis.

Who do you hang out with? If you mean common friends I know two in common — Will Campbell and Don Benedict. Both of them were and remain huge presences for me. I see Eva and her dad.

What were your impressions immediately after death? Whoosh. Literally. Not yanked but somehow launched but only for a little time (earth time? whatever) and then I had the so-called standard moment. No one can describe it or understand the amplification of what love is when you are given knowledge that we all have always possessed but which is truth that underlies everything

Did you believe in an afterlife when on earth? Maybe, But I did not know it or have any idea of the possibilities. I have barely spoken of the magic of intentionality.

What would be your theology now in a sentence or two? That love is deeper and greater than I could ever fathom when in your world. That the unity of everything is real and cannot be comprehended. partly because the scope is beyond imagining. That what I am talking about is what animates everyone.

What advice would you give if asked for the most important priorities for our planet. Relax because even if your bozo leaders blow it up they will not be the last to screw it up, putting it politely.


At the moment I write the questions and then come back to them when I think it feels right and I answer them just like I am typing now from my own consciousness. This is my typical way though when I walk and call to ABBA, JESUS and ATUN RE there are often remarkable encounters that may go into the cosmosphere to an audience but are lost for the most part unless I sit down and write immediately. NOW is reality and fleeting.

That I am doing now and what Richard Martini has done for years is to take down the notion that mediumship is not truly universal. I insert truly because most mediums say the same thing but it is clear that they have fixed procedures which can be anything from trance states with spirits entering them to various other modes that want us to know that a connection exists with the afterlife.

I admit one motive for the present effort is to see what happens when Richard and his skilled Medium cohort Jennifer Shaffer bite into one of my suggested subjects. If this comes to pass I will be flummoxed because the suspicion that I may have had all my experiences due to a lively self-enclosed imagination will be vanquished. At least substantially so.


Dr. Schweitzer, I am Stephen Rose and for a brief time I was the head of a Center in Massachusetts that bore your name. Beatrice Straight was on the Board and recommended me. I took a long drive across the country armed with your books while considering the job. When I came back I enthusiastically accepted.

I think you remain the most ignored voice of all. Relegated to history as a symbol of the past. You were not.

No that is true Stephen. And I thank you for your efforts then and now. You took a house set up by Erika Anderson who filmed my work in Lambarene and created a small archive related to it. You renamed it Albert Scweitzer Center and did your best to get it off the ground as a peace education force.

It did not succeed for reasons best forgotten. There was little foundation interest and there was a good deal of effort to retain what had originally been named the Albert Schweitzer Friendship House.

But you will note that war itself has undergone a sea change and that we — meaning those who still live for peace and justice — are witnessing a shift that is stupendous.

Do you feel vindicated by what you have seen.

Absolutely. The world is waking up and the tin-pot leaders have become progressively unable to stall the advance of mass populations hungry to remake the world. We can help. That is why I agree to do so.

Before we get on what to do, I want to note the huge achievement you made early in your career. Your book The Quest for the Historical Jesus remains a landmark monument toward the new spirituality that I believe we both celebrate. What do you think?

I think. No, I know now that my instincts were right. I would only add that through the good graces of those who followed my thinking we now see an entirely different Jesus who is the real Jesus who is universal and remains the model for wise behavior for all. No church. No creed. Just life led as well as possible.

Has war been eclipsed by pandemics and climate events and other forces.

No. As long as nuclear efforts are assumed to be positive when in human hands the world will be at risk. That is a mild way of saying the fear is justified. We should be very afraid of those who believe I am wrong.

So how are you working where you are?

You have to realize that here we function as the Souls we are and that means we operate by mind and heart, recognizing the nature of life. Life is not above challenges of all sorts. Lives are the school of souls. No one can or should be more than who they are. But there s always choice. We, myself and others, work with the young here and there to help inform choices.

Is ego still alive within Souls?

Absolutely. Pride too. What did you imagine? That we would become Angelic overnight. Some folk even think Angels themselves never were human. But that is beside the point. To be human is to be humane, decent, thoughtful.

So how do we fix the world?

You start at the beginning of the current problems. You return radioactivity deep into the earth. And you reconsider everything in terms of balance and love.

Dr. Schweitzer, you left us the phrase Reverence for Life. Would you change that now?

Yes. Well taken. Life is sacred and should be reverenced but it refers explicitly to Earth, or at least in popular terms. We should revere life. But we must somehow find words that convey reverence in a more universal way. Perhaps with telepathy.

You were fastidious in revering life. You would not cut flowers or harm any insect or other living thing. You lived simply. Did it ever bother you to be seen as a sort of living saint?

It was absurd then and even more so now. I was one life in a pool of expressions of one Soul and I live in a universe, in universes, whose extent we cannot even estimate save by terms like endless.

You are using living and life easily.

Yes. Words are a problem. Telepathy cuts through much.


I met Will in the Smoky Mountains at a retreat for a group of us who were among the first participants in the Student Interracial Ministry. He was already the Will I would always know which I take to mean his Soul was not hidden from view. I subsequently became his colleague and friend and I trust remain so now that he and his wonderful wife Brenda are on what Rich Martini calls the flipside. Will would be a good match for Rich. Two quick wits always cutting to whatever they are chasing. As this evolves I am following what I think is recommended. So next I shall compose questions for Will and Brenda and then return to them and engage, I hope with both. I will post here the addresses of Will’s NYT Obituary which seems to be accurate and the video I made the day after Will died.

updated August 2014 Will Campbell and I were colleagues and friends from the day we met in Swannanoa in the spring of 1961 until now and whenever. Though Will died last night (June 3, 2013) I feel his presence keenly and will continue to do so. For me this video says it all. It was Will’s NO to anything that did not include all that shamed those around him into hostility or the wonderment that leads to understanding. Will created a great deal of wonder while earning the spite of the usual suspects.

Will D. and Brenda Campbell

Will and Brenda I am hoping we can make your many friends and admirers happy by assuring them of your continuing lives on whatever we call the other side — heaven works for me. How are you both?

Brenda you to me were the force of transcendent unconditional love though you were largely quiet and unobtrusive. You had a tremendous effect on me when I was going through pains related to the end of my marriage.

Brenda — Hello Steve. Thank you for that.

Will. Rose, what are you doing. This is a surprise. It takes some serious getting used to. Don’t ask. We are in good shape and in good spirits and glad to know you have found your way to us. Things are different here because of equality which works, believe it. What have you been doing.

We’ll get to that. Essentially the same thing which evolves all the time. I miss us. Our times.Did you know this transition was coming?

Brenda. Yep.

Will. I think I must have. My books came back at me. I told myself, So this is it. It is all real. It all came together.

Do you keep up with Martin? Have you gotten to know folk you admired but never knew?

Brenda. He is still Will but now it is what they call on steroids. Same Will dawn to dusk and a virtual drink.

Will. Yeah, ain’t that natural. But now I am thinking you are opening something important.. An avenue for me and others to do more. In the way of making contact. Like on reparations. Your old thing.

I remember your involvement as I kissed my career goodbye in 1969. What do you know from being there that could change things here?

Will. Nothing. What I always knew. You know as well as I do it takes two to dance. Same problems here or there. Except here there is restraint and a process for getting thing right. But it isn’t that different.Same problems. Through the entirety, whatever that is.

Brenda, what do you say.

Brenda. Not much. It’s not words. It is spirit and living with it. You get along as best you can.

Will, do you think that we are in the middle of a SHIFT that will raise the world or is raising the world to a higher frequency.

Will. Yeah I do. That is something I can see. It doesn’t take that much. And others talk about it. Malcolm. Bobby. Face it, the way things work is fixed. It is real democracy. Everywhere whether you believe it or not. It is not thought based, it is Soul-based. So the SHIFT, so called, is your work, everyone’s. When enough people intend anything it happens.

I am going to pause what I know will be an ongoing conversation, a revival of times on the telephone before cells were much in use. Brenda, I am delighted to make contact again. Until next time.

CLEAR CHANNELING is the best name for the work of those like myself who make no pretense of having a provable “act” that can be said to be the voice of whover I am representing a voice to be. It is clear because it is not different from ordinary writing. The main difference is that I believe I am speaking to those I name and representing the sense of what they want to say. I think the only way to test this is to involve a trance medium or someone else with a tested means of evidential communication. This is the possibility that this project surmises. I provide clear channel sessions and they are passed on to two folk with massive experience in evidential with with the other side. We then determine between us and the pubic the degree of veracity.

Royal Raymond Rife

Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 — August 5, 1971) spend most of what was then a long life creating alluring inventions and theories that were subjected to the invidious binary forces which insist that if you cannot prove it within the framework of accepted science it is probably fraudulent. Rife concluded that most illnesses were identifiable via frequencies in the body. He invented a telescope that could see viruses without destroying them. He then invented a machine that could aim sound at particular frequencies where he surmised problems. The results were regarded as saving by many and entirely discounted by the medical establishment. Since his death vindication of his work on frequencies has drawn ever closer. In this project I have been guided by my feelings and instincts and Rife is my next subject despite the fact that I never knew him and am not well-versed in his work, though I have made regular use of his sound treatments for some time. My aim is to stimulate interest in the man and provide an entree via my initial probe which I shall develop and record below.


I took a little nap following entering the name of Royal Raymond Rife into the text as the next subject of my CLEAR CHANNEL efforts and was amazed to receive guidance or perhaps representations by Rife himself basically freeing me to express present Soul thoughts.

I have been among other things an investigative reporter and this counsel frees me from any obligation to delve into details that will prove survival after death. I can concentrate on Soul messages in the NOW and that is for me a joy.


I assume you are feeling completely vindicated now that frequencies are becoming the buzz-words of the quantum era.

All things that have emerged since I died in 1971 are things I knew. What has changed mainly has been my own understanding.

Please elaborate.

I was working under the lash of mechanical science as the narrow gate one had to enter to prosper as a scientist and healer. I invented a remarkable optical device — a micrososcope that could make living viruses visible. Then I invented a machine that could address the frequencies of the human body and cure or at least modify conditions. Have an affect. That was common knowledge, a sort of legacy.

Which you now see as —

Which I now see as a symptom of the times I lived in. After I died there emerged the start of a change on the earth planet that has become huge though many are not aware of it. The premise of my work is the premise of existence throughout creation. But I was left to defend my mechanical things.

Let me guess. Now you are guiding the work of the growing numbers who are becoming energy or quantum or frequency healers.

Correct in a way. I am not formally a guide or anything else. I am known of course. And I even consult some in our places of healing. Frequencies are universal.

How do you dope things out on the planet now?

I see things just as most here see Earth, those for whom it is a concern because they still have emotional ties, or are passing lives there. It is still the challenge of choice and the place you go to try for the so-called fifth dimension or above. The various modes of healing you mention are coming just in time — earth time anyway. I am not sure anyone sees what is coming.

What’s that?

The collapse of material-based healing. Not because it is wrong as far as it goes. This will be solely because of the obsolescence of the structures of medicine and healing. Indeed the obsolescence of the entire physical organization of life on earth. Why else do you think things are as they are. It makes perfect sense.

OK, this is the whole ball of wax seen by someone who saw things whole and was left to defend nuts and bolts and fight the same greed that is still abroad. What do you propose?

I want people to see that they are the creators just as much as Source is. All are Source. The entirety of Source — the heart-mind that maintains stability and balance in the face of challenges — includes you, us, all. All are Souls with Source at their core.

And I want healing to be from the beginning a work of face to face love. Yes. frequencies and knowing them and how to address them matters. But, BUT, what is going on now is a winnowing of those who see and those who do not. The survival of the present earth civilization matters just as much as it has for past eras on earth. But it will only happen if individuals lead the way minus leaders and labels, merely knowing that they are servants of unconditional love.

Thank you. You have given me enough to alert others to what is a seismic message. I thank heaven for your continued Soul work.


I am finding my sea legs. Proof is the province of all of us when it comes to knowing lives go on. Our parents, folk we knew, do we not want more than a message saying they are fine, something that will convince us beyond a shadow that they exist? If so I am not in that business. I have been tempted to go the proof route. But my feeling is this — proof will emerge significantly only if I can do what I do best. Function as a SOUL to present the SOUL OFFERINGS of the people I contact. Those offerings will not be me I assure you. Like Royal Rife’s amazing premonition of the collapse of material medicine, I will seek out what folk have to say from their perspective NOW in the timeless yet TIMELY voice of NOW.


In 1960 as ready to get a job after going through Union Seminary, I walked into a room with five classmates and there at the head of the table sat Don Benedict, sparse of hair and projecting vintage iconoclasm. He had just been chosen in an act of rare adventurism, to head a well-endowed organization called the Chicago City Missionary Society. All of us would emerge in less than an hour amazed to the soles of our feet. We were hired on the spot. The society was flush. Don has power that anyone with a mind would be amazed at. There had been a break in received reality. The future of the church in america changed. He did not hire us to be anything save work in fields where we had talents and interests. It was a snap for me. Journalism. I walked out head of the Exploratory Program in Journalism. My friend George Ralph walked out running an experimental program in DRAMA. This wasn’t synchronicity. It was a collision of heaven and earth. It would take me a book to do justice to Don and to the following decade. But now I want only one thing. To reach out and find and talk to Don NOW. Not anything flashy. Just what he is thinking and what he advises.


Don, I have entered an area of Soul for me and I hope we can be in contact and act just as we might on earth, but with reference to what you are seeing, thinking and doing.

We are in contact Steve. It is impossible not to be unless I say out and you know I won’t do that. We are all free, just as you are. I get what you are doing. see where you’ve been. And I want to go where you are heading.

We could deal with a lot of personal things I don’t know about, but I really want to begin with your situation now.

You probably want to know about reincarnations and I have no information to offer because I have busy since I arrived functioning as I always did except with no holds barred, no density, no wasted time, and so forth. We Souls are no different than you and you can therefore see that if we got here having had lives like mine we are not about to sit back while everything we fought for is under attack. So let’s talk.

Well, I always knew you to have what folk call a bee in your bonnet, meaning a phrase expressing an objective that you would stick to come hell or high water. What do you say now?

I say SHIFT in your CAPS to unconditional love and that means striking a balance across the board. It means that you take Mr. One Percent and balance his situation with that of the mass of individuals his wealth could sustain until a proper balance is found. It means we get rid of all past thinking about economics being something with a top and a bottom and getting to a consensus about what constitutes economic balance on earth.

This would see everyone as Souls and equal.

What else is there than this as what everyone should be aware of? The problem is that just like Toward Responsible Freedom, the established order of power does not recognize Soul status as equal social status and is perfectly happy to co-opt any words including those of Heaven and apply them to whatever their status quo happens to be. The fact is that without Source, God in your terms, the power of all aware Souls, without that we would have been toast. Now that fate is real and the pressure is on.

Describe a day or whatever you call a day in your current life. What do you do.

I greet my beloveds, families earth and Soul. I walk alone assuming who I was. And I talk to a group I have organized. Souls of like mind. We know that one end of the SHIFT we are in is that we will soon be much more able to communicate with Earth. We are preparing what I hope will be an influencing effort that revives some of the spirit and focus of the Union Movement. People forget what Souls are capable of when they stand and act hand in hand.

Do you have higher beings you relate to.

Yes. Jesus and the one you call Abba. And I have talked with Atun Re as well. You Steve have done work in the last ten years that surpasses even your Renewal days when we worked together in Chicago. We are more one now.

This more or less ended this encounter. On a happy and positive note. You have no idea what a thrill it is to sense that life is not just us struggling to do whatever we do. It is a Soul experience and we are each part of a vast and unending network that justifies our faith in the basics that Don unerringly flagged.


As I speak smart folk are creating a Soul Phone — a blanket term for the technology of demonstrable communication between us and the afterlife realm. And I am purporting to sit here and somehow have actual, real communications from people who are seen by us as having died. I will answer willingly. I have no proof and ask no belief. That said, the words are clearly mine because people on the other side do not speak. Mediums are skilled in taking the feelings of persons on the other side and translating them. Sometimes they get images or signs clues. I do not trouble myself with these efforts. I ask questions and type what comes. A sentence typed here is clearly real. But few believe that these are the speech of those who are real. So I can say this. How I can say it? The same way I can say that I have heard direct voices in my head introducing Ludwig Wittgenstein. And seen light shows emanating from a wall of trees and dancing along as I drove and experienced the relief those manifestations were intended to heal. I am unique. Everyone is. I see myself as a Soul. That perspective is real to me. It makes these communications possible.


To own one’s Soul is to venture into territory that requires some intent. Soul is the whole range of Reality that is one’s connection to Reality as a whole. I am having to tread with care to ensure I am avoiding the worst pitfalls that an insecure self can encounter — the temptation to assume Soul hood while actually blowing my own limited self horn. It is only in some trepidation that one dares to guess that the moves one makes are the right ones. That said, confidence is king and queen and court. I shall rely on guidance to tell me when I am straying. The issue for me now is where to take what I am working on.

Mr. Martini has every reason to feel that I am interloping when I am fully aware that I am. I have gone a distance and paused. To move on I must find a partner whose skills are those of a medium. Richard and Jennifer Shaffer fil this bill. But I infer from watching their weekly podcast on YouTube (MartiniZone) they have a groove that is somewhat fixed and I have knowledge of how important it is to create a sympathetic context for a verifiable and meaningful encounter between realms. If my effort finds a place in this venture my initial impulse will be fulfilled.

I appended the following note to a video Rich Martini released today 7/10/2020

Stephen Curtiss Rose1 hour ago

Lead Belly. William Sloan Coffin, Jr., Albert Schweitzer, Will D. Camobell, Brenda Campbell, Royal Raymond Rife, Donald Benedict These are all folk that mean a great deal to me. It would be a great honor to think that one or two of them might help t expand your class in directions that are pretty clear from the spadework I have done https://medium.com/everything-comes/communicating-with-the-other-side-working-document-9213fbe6025f

I got the following response from Rchard and include it and my replies:

Richard Martini MartiniZone

20 hours ago (edited)

Keep up the good work! I know that sounds simplistic — but it is good work. But if I may — and people have pointed this out about my own work, I recommend always starting an article with context. One doesn’t have to explain everything — but it’s important to set the stage so to speak. “I’m so and so, I have been on the planet this many years. Somewhere along the line I became interested in automatic or channeled writing. That is — putting my pen to the page — then asking questions to people no longer on the planet. “I know its counterintuitive to assume one can communicate with those no longer on the planet, but instead of judging what I’m doing, I ask questions first, then do forensic research later.” (Which is important. Look up Leadbelly’s guitars — cite the source — whether its wikipedia or a biography — “Leadbelly served this much time and played this much guitar” — then your audience can come along for the ride. I also think it’s important to give context… “some of these interviews are with people I knew, so it’s easier for me to verify what they’re saying. I have access to public and private records as well as personal interactions with them. I can only attest that what they are saying “seems like” or “feels like” what they would have said, combined with their giving me “new information” about something I didn’t’ know, or they did not know prior to passing.” So I’m’ recommending giving a preamble — when the person spoken to gives a detail, do the forensic research to back it up (or find it contrary, which is sometimes just as important) — in this kind of an experiment one is not trying to “prove”anything — but rather to gain new information or insight. Also one might add questions that relate not to their lifetime, but their new perspective. I always ask the same questions to everyone — that allows me to get a consensus of experience… This many “didn’t believe in an afterlife until they met their mom/dad/pet” — They can speak about who they are hanging out with… (Leadbelly says “all kinds of people” — well, ask him who. Are they folks from the planet or off planet? Are they people he knew or wanted to know? Who’s one of the most interesting folks you’ve met on the other side?” etc. These are interviews, and it’s important to think like a journalist — get the “who, what, when, where and how” up front — get them to verify something that only they would know (that one can look up). That’s what I mean by “keep up the good work.” They don’t have to be famous, as you know, but they do have to give new information about what their journey is like. Finally I always ask for messages to their family members. And if they’re specific, I get them to them, and then hear back from the family member whether the information was accurate or not. Sometimes the whole point of the exercise was simply to reconnect them to each other. My two cents.

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Stephen Curtiss Rose1 second ago

Thanks. My goal though is not to advance as a person who does this as much as to find someone who can already achieve what I want to see done. That’s you and Jennifer. I want to be a resource and nothing more. I am looking for someone who is willing and able to take what I have in abundance and make use of it to enhance their range and influence. Regardless of what happens your work is significant. Mine is as well. We are in the same book. Please let me know if any of this strikes your fancy. Thanks!


Stephen Curtiss Rose1 second ago

I hope this is clear. I have two goals. One is to satisfy myself that we can actually reach these people. And to be a valuable resource assisting those who are on the front lines of advocating for the views you hold. Please do not be offended. If I cannot help in this way I will reevaluate things. Cheers, S


o offense SCR! I realized I was saying “keep up the good work” but not clarifying why it’s good work. Jennifer and I are not doing anything that others haven’t done for centuries… that is, opening themselves up to the possibility of communication, and then just hammering at it. Usually people got burnt at the stake (Joan of Arc comes to mind, Giordano Bruno burnt because he reported his OBE) — but if we’re doing anything it’s to encourage folks to open themselves up to the possibilities. In your interviews with Leadbelly for example — you have that on a blog page, give the audience some context as to who he was, who he is — why he commented about you singing like him, all these things. Just go through it line by line and if there’s something that you can look up, verify, or comment on — do so. I add photos if I can — people can and do talk about things that we have never heard before. I’m sure that there are moments when what you’re “getting from Schweitzer” makes one pause — “Is this me?” Often I do especially when they agree with me from the flipside. But in my case, I try to note the “new information” that comes through. Like in this interview with Steve Bing — Jennifer didn’t know he had directed a film (and I forgot until I was reminded last night to explain the “soft landing” comment (it’’s on RichMartini.com) — but to clarify, explain, give as much context as we can. Because this research isn’t for us — it’s for generations in the future. Again — not me, not Jennifer, not yourself — but for someone who runs into 100 years from now… depending how data is dispersed or stored — and find that someone was doing this simple “dixie cup on a string” communications with folks no longer on the planet. Eventually, likely, we’ll have “cell coverage” in the future, where it’s not unusual, odd or even questionable that we can do so, and that will allow us insight into many other avenues. Including but not limited to the idea that if one wants to “travel to Mars” — all they need to do is ask someone on the flipside to go there and describe it in detail. We don’t have to be in deep space to experience deep space. We do so every night as it is.

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Stephen Curtiss Rose1 second ago

@Richard Martini MartiniZone I appreciate this exchange no end. I am a curious case. I maintain regular contact with three guide-mentor-great beings whose utterances I share on Twitter @steohencrose I am aware I could do much more but only at the expense of not doing what I now do, I thought, hey maybe I can satisfy my need for veracity by being a resource to folk who are clearly producing evidential stuff. You guys.That was the impetus for what I have done. It was not to become accomplished dealing with the other side either as you do or as Jennifer does. Clearly Jennifer is essential to what you are now doing. . I want someone like her or Emma McIntosh or Karen Swain to become an evidential channel for figures whose voices can make a difference. To broaden the field. Despite the guidance I have referred to or perhaps because of it, I cannot effectively do more than I have done. I am 84 and fine but that’s the way things are now. That said your guidance in these notes registers and who knows???


Richard Martini MartiniZone

16 hours ago

84! Fantastic mon ami. Just great that you’re doing this kind of work. Well — I would advise asking the questions you have the deepest connection to. I see what you’re saying about Leadbelly — if someone really wants to look up the veracity they can (including me.) But what I’ve found is simple — there are those who aren’t going to believe anything about it. So there’s no point proving veracity to them, because they wouldn’t believe it, even if they considered it possible. Just incapable of believing it. So then you have to other folks — those who have had experiences dealing with the flipside, or talking to love ones on the other side… so they’re going to believe it, or at least consider it possible. On one hand, you’ve demonstrated (at the very least to yourself) that you can ask and get answers. So I recommend putting these posts into a blog (perhaps that’s your twitter page — but I think of twitter as 40 characters — so obviously your interviews require longer pieces. Someone can check into them at a later date — or as they read them. But I still recommend giving them structure. 1. Who am I? (the author — a short blurb) Why do I bother doing this? (to advance civilization). Is it possible I’m deluding myself? (Anything’’s possible, but I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone — just sharing information.) Is it possible that what I’m reporting is accurate? (I encourage the audience to check into it.) That’s the preamble — then focus on asking the same questions to people — the same questions allows for at least a scientific approach. Ask questions you can’t know the answer to. (Who was there to greet you on the other side?) Ask questions about their journey NOW. What’s it like on the flipside? Can they walk, talk, fly? What’s the experience like over there? The more questions you ask, the more varied the answers will be- but many answers will be identical to the research I’ve done. It’s like taking a different tack — I ask questions to dozens of people I don’t know, never met — I ask questions of people I knew all too well — and compare the answers. What’s common about the journey? Why are we on the planet in the first place? By doing it in this fashion — you will gain a body of work that will stand across time. You don’t’ have to prove what they’re saying is accurate — but by asking the same questions to different people, one gets a broader sense of the architecture. (Hence the name of my book “Architecture of the Afterlife.” I have about 50 people I ask the same questions to… the idea they would all answer relatively the same questions with answers that people under hypnosis have answered — without having read or been aware of many of those cases (prior to publication) demonstrates there’s a pattern and there’s data to be examined. Each story might be fantastical — but when you add them up, that’s where the gold is.

Thanks Rich…I will still hope others than I approach these people and I will keep hoping my suggestions find a further step in the direction of the wonderful work you do. Forward!




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