day 365

The nighttime is supposed to be alive but it feels dead. Don’t get me wrong, some people would love to have this peace but it still strikes me as odd. There’s no sense of celebration in the air. It feels like the aftermath of a funeral. It’s quiet and you can barely see any lights. There aren’t any drunk people outside parading the streets. No loudmouths appear to be anywhere starting fights or speaking ridiculously. I could barely hear any cars moving. Everything seems to be still, and even though it doesn’t bother me, it startles me to see such a loss in human interaction.

I could be in the wrong part of the city or something. The cause of such surroundings like this might stem from the cold weather. The temperature seems to be negative almost every day but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason. House parties are still a thing. Local festivities are still around. I’m skeptical about this situation since, from what I see and hear, people seem to show up to these events less every year.

From one perspective, I could make excuses and reasons for this occurrence but from another, I could say that people are lazy, or I could state the reason I believe in the most, which is that humans have become distant towards one another. It’s ironic because I happen to be one of those people who don’t go out much but I’d rather others be better than me than be like me. I love people but I don’t trust some of them enough to build bonds right away. You could know me for a year or two but still wouldn’t know a bit about me. I’m not proud to say this because it’s exhausting.

I think other people may feel the same way as me. Our experiences determine this kind of scenario and outlook but I think it’s become too common. To find reasons or explanations for this, I look at how people grew up and the way their parents raised them. The blame isn’t completely on those factors but I think they’re essential to a person’s development.

I think we’re living in a place that separates less developed kids to disable their potential and parts of our society is trying to hide that or not acknowledge it. There are many other aspects that could be looked at. It could be our economy, poverty, education, or lack of infrastructure. Those who don’t have much money are going to be the victims of dire circumstances. Some people are able to rise above such obstacles but most of them aren’t. It’s like a snowball effect, less people go out and socialize due to personal or systematic reasons.

We’re living in an era of what seems to be despair and lack of direction or guidance. It’s like we’re bound to head into another Great Depression.