Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


Defeating God starts with an inner choice

Lay back and listen to temptation’s voice

Agree to fail. Give up the Upward Way

The way you designed. Your own exercise

To help reduce your karmic load and rise

For when temptation came you caved to it

Negativity convinced you. You’re unfit


But there is no way you can defeat God

Even if you give suicide a nod

You always knew love is our destiny

And that is right as presently you’ll see

For you return to Heaven every time

And Heaven proves again Love is sublime

And once more you see rebellion is no more

For you are Home, back there on Heaven’s shore


Deny not Soulhood. It won’t work

Even if you go berserk

No fury, violence, loss of control

Can separate you from your Soul

Life’s project aims but Above

It asks you: give your all to love

See its rewards coming through

As love perfuses all you do


God is neither enemy nor friend

God is Us. Who we are at the end

When we go wrong we offend God in us

When we go right everything moves to Plus

Accepting Oneness makes us strong and free

We’re liberated from false fantasy

To know this is to tread the Upward Trail

Where every footstep lifts you without fail



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