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Everything Comes


This will be a long read. It was just this morning and I am doing it blow by blow. At some point I’ll revert to rhyme. I’ll let its meter speak my mind.

I am on watch by a Doctor at the same Hospital the late Dr. Bailey served. He has been gone for decades now. He was the father of two daughters and the eldest remains my lifetime friend and her younger sister is also now a friend, though not in regular contact. The Bailey family is the place I could let loose as my true self, at least the self I rarely showed as positive at home.

Randy as I knew him then was almost more scarce than I. I never came as close to him as I was just this morning. He smoked a storm and worked into the nights. The family was Connie and the girls. Only in summer when they sailed from near Cape Cod was there a Randy present and accounted for, at least by me.

Hold the thought of one who was a nearly famed internist, now only found in a Google book that describes him caring for Eleanor Roosevelt.

This morning I took a fourth reading on a LIFEHOOD blood pressure monitor I got following a recent “collapse” which sent me to Presbyterian-Cornell-Weill for almost a week. There I was examined up, down and sideways for heart problems but ultimately there was no insistence that I do more than adjust my blood pressure medications and agree to regular monitoring by a cardiologist.

I lucked out. The Doctor I got was much to my liking and we agreed to be in regular contact. Getting the monitor was his advice and I chose the second most recommended over his suggestion of the most recommended. Largely because of a negative review that suggested inaccuracy in the readings.

I got the rig going yesterday evening and have had four readings so far. All of them tell me either this machine is going haywire which I strongly doubt, or else something is playing havoc inside me. The readings were on the far side of apple pie normal to the point that I engaged in a spontaneous meditative, guidance session that ended up with a long talk with Dr, Bailey which will be the subject of the verses below.

Abba, my name for my friend in the Spirit and who I see as fully consistent with the who Jesus selected as the Word and spoke to regularly. He could be my higher self or me for that matter. But I will hold to the nomenclature because it transpired this morning that I knew I was at a time when I needed to fish or cut bait.

I needed to affirm beyond any doubt that I believe in Heaven, whatever name it may have, and that the process I am suggesting is available to all — guided living with a peerless friend and companion for all who call and cultivate — as I have done for more than 40 years — is real, actual, the way things are.

This act will not convince any skeptics but I needed to affirm it because it is my experience validated by what I shall suggest is a forthcoming account of an experience which to me substantiated the idea that there is a new form of mediumship in which we have direct access through our guide to whoever we wish to speak with coming to us in a voice that we enunciate to ourselves. It may have a different timbre, it may be scattered a bit, but each this far has seemed to be exactly what it should have been.

So I spoke with Abba and arrived at the point of affirmation and some key admissions and intentions. I confessed to myself and Abba that I did want to continue living despite the sense of being half in heaven. My parents both lived many years beyond my current 83.

I knew that what I was going through was something that required a collegial approach with my cardiologist. I determined to take this seriously and to communicate with him about what was taking place.

You may be bored with this but if not listen up. Here is an account of the time with Dr. Bailey that came next.

‘Hello, Stephen. I know what you’re going through

And what good hands you’re in as well.

And now we both affirm our Oneness to

Most die not knowing there is no death knell’


‘No, here I do not smoke as I did then

Though there is no harm in it in Heaven

Let’s get to you, you called on me

And I have things to say if you agree’


Very well, start with your father

He suffered migraines almost constantly

And then he had that nasty aneurism

And then the saving shunt that you OKed


‘Though you were very good through all of that

I venture all that he went through

Far exceeds what has been true of you’

I realized what this was leading to


‘And now your mother, she had Menieres

A dizzy state, a torment, no respite

And she became almost stone deaf besides’

You would not choose a fate like her’s’


‘I saw that all the things I criticized

Could be explained as being justified

As efforts to surmount a world of pain

And penitence washed over me like rain


Then Randy turned to my own case

And made short work of saying what to do

Work closely with my cardiologist

And try to see what this new Oneness is


So I have seen a way I could not see

And cleared things that were stored subconsciously

I am not going to herald improvements

I may say that some help is Heaven sent



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