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Ecumenism is the key word underlying cooperation among previously separate groups. It applies particularly to religious bodies. Ecumenism can be local or global. It can be cooperation among congregations or among larger gatherings like Roman Catholics and Protestants or Buddhists and Confucians. I suggest that ecumenism is a Soul’s disposition to honor all institutions and to favor their cooperation.

Spiritual Resource Centers are uniquely ecumenical. They are built on the premise that all Souls are one, that we are a global democracy of Souls, and that history itself is the actual expression of the conscious intentions of all Souls. If we share these understandings, we recognize a unity that transcends everything. War and peace depend on the cosmic, democratic intentions of all Souls. Our intentions are in constant flux. But whatever they are, they are received and put into effect.

Now do you really believe this? Don’t you value your own sense of things more than my conviction that every Soul’s heart-felt thought determines a result, not merely at a universal level but at every level there is? I ask only that you follow the thought that we are all part of Source, and that Source is what produces every effect everywhere.

Let us take an example. Suppose person A can launch a landfill’s worth of garbage into the stratosphere. He can use this negative intent to achieve a negative result. Suppose that B is ten Souls who intend with all the force of their hearts to prevent the fall of this mess onto Earth. The landfill sits out there poised to do damage. But ten Soul intents register with Spirits everywhere. So there grows a substantial movement within Consciousness.

You see where this is going. Consciousness is rational and logical. It does not want this cosmic threat realized. As it happens, the effort of just 10 Souls sufficed to prevent a worst-case scenario. The power of even one intending Soul is immense.

Ecumenism is a term that anticipates a world of awakened Souls whose expressed intents create positive results. Test this by intending something with the affirmation “Positive thoughts, positive results”.

When we say there is a Shift in progress, we are saying that the number of awakened Souls is growing. Never say life is not a numbers game. Because it is. Crucially so.

Had church folk in Germany been awakened sufficiently, Hitler would have fizzled out. Apply that principle to every authoritarian leader, and watch history change.

Nothing actually says we must have ecumenical results. History has not been remarkably ecumenical. It has allowed a lust for power to spread from one failed monarch to another until every known civilization on the Earth has crumbled. But the Light continues to shine in the darkness. And the darkness has never been able to overcome it.

Ecumenical visions are part of the reality to which Consciousness is wed. Oneness is an access point to Light. Awakening continues daily. The Cosmos is concerned about our teetering planet. Take stock. Realize your power. Let it live in you. It can reach to the edge end of Infinity.

Spiritual Resource Centers will be launched anytime. Recent posts here are meant to start a movement that will result in their emergence.



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