Everything Comes Newsletter Three

This amounts to a personal to Twitter readers and those who relate via Medium.

Everything Comes is a publication on Medium.

Some publications really hop. I would say Everything Comes is sort of moribund.

I have a number signed in as writers and have made them all editors so they can edit their own work, but I have done little beyond that because I have no idea what is needed or necessary.

Clearly the notion of vital online community has changed since I began in the 80s before www existed, Back then I ran a fairly active community on a platform called Ecunet. Over time this dispersed, partly because I moved over to the UN and got involved in that world. And there were fissures in our thinking that made discussions predictable and a bit circular.

At that time though we were enough of a community, some of us, that we did actually travel across the country for get-togethers. The social became face-to-face.

Then came a time of online business and things moved rapidly into a world of opportunities, transactions and more chances for face to face gathering. Sadly this crashed over time. I had dreams of achieving things that proved beyond possibility. There followed a decade of immersion in a quite enclosed effort — creative, intellectual and marginally-political.

Now I would say Everything Comes is a toe placed gingerly into today’s social. I am not as spry as I was. I spend most of my time either alone writing and online or with my sweetheart walking around our neighborhood. There is family. And an occasional trip.

Twitter is now my home page. Medium my platform for publishing on Kindle.

I keep trying to evolve a form of text that will be helpful and relevant. But I am hardly in the mainstream of the gadget, code, start-up, celebrity entrepreneur world.

I do not understand how one text gets massive recommendations and reads while another does not. I find little treasures here and there and think about them for days But the finding is accidental.

Wishing all who find this well.

Cheers. S.