Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


We are strange

Surprised by sudden things

We yell out loud

But when we use mantras we get sedate

No more for me

I see emotion as the leading move

Today I faced pain

It was moving close to 10

Unbearable if sustained

Now its down to intermittent 2 or so

Emotion powered my success


Heart intent can let it all hang out

Pain is what I call a fantasy

A fantasy to nudge me correctly

Its destiny ‘s to be a butterfly

I’ll wish it well and let it disappear

It flies with gorgeous wings into the sky

Yes I am grunting

Improvising expletives

Endeavoring to overcome

I speak to pain from deep ambivalence

I love it but it’s time for it to go

This is the honest truth


I once refused to speak

Until I heard that woman say the same

She demonstrated in a podcast


Noises signaling

A primal strain

Impatient sounds

A sudden yowl

Ancient Shamanic stuff

And in this blurting

I could see Reality

We face down pain

And love it just the same



We make our conditions

Good or bad

According to the aim of our intent

I could not soft talk my pain today

I spoke then toughed it out all of the way

I know there’s nothing I can do that’s wrong

And that experiment is my mission

And so I share the news of primal noise

Advising some rough diction from the root

A a rough hewn way to pain pursuit


I’m wrestling with how to speak of wrong

I know we create it

And I know it hurts and harms

I know positive is life

Past all alarms

I know the times have turned us

Tepid like

As though we could send hurt away

With gentle words

It’s time we see the width of our great feelings

And play an orchestra with all the sounds

Consult with Richard Strauss

And Radu Lupu

Observe rehearsing hands

Of Carlos Kleiber


For some it may be easy

Others hard

But it will be revealing

And prove

That heart intent is deeply physical

Ballet is involved

So too is boxing

Dispatch what needs to go

With love

And impatience

Do not repress a thing

Love is too beautiful to be short-changed



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