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Everything Comes



I coined a simple mantra

Bliss Joy Love

Heavenly terms

Descriptive of heavenly senses

But a fourth word intruded

And now I have a revised



Bliss Joy Freedom Love

For if I am honest with myself

Freedom is the dominant sense

Of (well) freedom I felt

The first time I had a clear sense

Of being in a state of (sorry)



You see for me and perhaps others

Freedom in this sense is a

State of being

When there is nothing but

The moment and where that

State of having no worries

No fears

No obsessions

No need to puzzle things out

Just awareness of being

Ultimately secure

Is precisely the way things are


There is another reason why

I let the term enter the penultimate

Position in this mantra

Because freedom is a way

Of grounding the high ontological terms

Bliss Joy and Love

Freedom is the dominant knowing

We seek on Earth

Whether in a family or community

Or State or Nation or World

Any sort of binding or enslavement

Is an insult to our essential nature

We need have no fear if we give our very life

To setting ourselves free

Not by plunging into harmful pursuits

But by asserting one’s own intention to be



Love becomes more emotional

For me with this new addition

Freedom and Love go together

They mark the height of goodness

As goodness makes itself known here below


Bliss Joy Freedom Love

And so it is




LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven

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Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose

steverose@gmail.com I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!

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