It’s not just titles that contain the profanity.
Barbara Radisavljevic

Ganging up is a serious choice that can lead to hurt and harm

I have not examined these profane posts but in my thinking about good and evil — see the chart — I rate ganging up as a serious choice that can lead to hurt and harm. For whatever reason, reading your post, I wondered whether the profanity is a sign of this phenomenon. The tone of what we might call discursive profanity or aggressive profanity may contain an implicit summons to become part of a gang, a self-selected group which, by giving assent, is in essence committed to a course of expression and action that divides, demeans and otherwise bodes ill. I have no idea whether this is correct, but there seems to be a culture-wide mindlessness (you see it in the tone of more than one ad on TV) that operates on the logic if you are this you are that, or get with this or that, you are nothing or be on the side of this or you don’t belong.

I think at very least profanity can be seen as expression and, in my book, expression is as much action as anything else. Words are powerful. That Medium seems to reward this is of a piece with other modes by which a “social network” manages itself.