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Getting Used to THIAOOUBA

I’m getting used to Thiaoouba

I’m on my second or third read through

Of The Thiaoouba Prophecy

And I sense that I’ll keep reading it

Each bit of it widens my sense of things


I’m used to the idea that our home is the Cosmos

And we could be anywhere in it

Through conscious connection

And focused desire

I use the Thiaoouba.com site as a regular source

Of messages because these messages will gently open minds

I realize more and more that we may do massive evil

But nature has its own mind and when it acts it can carry us away

So we destroy ourselves but sometimes we are lost to nature

This is not the end of us though

For Thiaoouba consistently reminds us that

Our Astral bodies and our higher selves are directly connecting to

The Source, the Creator, the One

Christianity and Thiaoouba are hand in hand

Which means the essence of Spirituality is two strands:

The teachings of how we should live

And the endless possibilities of the miracles we associate with the Person of Christ

Thaioouba is capable of technology almost as Heaven is

What is material is also entirely malleable

What we struggle with they have simplified

What we mainly want they have created


I recommend that you read Michel Desmarquet’s

Thiaoouba Prophecy

Perhaps you too will find it a comfortable

Expansion of your sense of things

There are Thiaooban’s among us


We are a bit past our Science but scientists will benefit

From reading the book

And harmonizing what we know with what we can integrate

From the remarkable narrative of The Thiaoouba Prophecy



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Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose


steverose@gmail.com I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!