Glorious Snowfall

Whiteness scattered all around — 
Flake after flake fall to the ground
Chilly, windy, filled with delight,
Oh, gloriously, wonderful snow-filled night!
Silence heard for all to muse,
The world now blanketed, appearing new.
Footsteps trodden here and there
Soon will vanish by snowflakes on air.
The tree’s smooth texture glistening silver,
The bitter wind swirling creating a shiver.
Breaths taken lightly dance in front of the nose
As the crisp, clean air is seen from the cold
Mittened hands drawn closely knit
Warm inside, no longing to quit.
Though the birds still sing and jollily proclaim — 
They must think this white to be terribly strange.
With the flakes all around — silently falling down,
It seems as though a snowglobe must now surround
Yet, there is no confinement, no encasement found
Only beauty that stretches beyond the eye’s bound.
Pine cones covered in powdery substance,
The entire earth moves with slowing reluctance.
Peaceful and calm, the scene that unfolds
More lovely than any snowfall is foretold.
Through the harsh winter months, everything appears bare
But snowflakes coat all with surprising care.
The white topped mountains and slippery slope
Appear white and pure and filled with hope —
Hope that beauty still exists today,
That no one holds control, the snow simply came.
The soul is stirred, the heart awakened
Gently, overwhelmed with vast appreciation.
Filled with intrigue and contently a sigh
Take it all in with curious eyes.
Enveloped with glaring white,
A blank slate, the defining light.
Quaintness, quietness and peacefulness surround — 
Only soft trudging and frigid air seem to abound.
The glory beheld, the slumbering scene,
Cannot be described, it must simply be seen.
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