How Ads Could Serve People

With all the talk of ad blocking, intrusion and the like, we ignore the simple solution. Ads should pay for services we need and want. Ads should not block access to content online or exact vengeful penalties for inattention.

Ads should be valued implicitly because they serve us reciprocally on the basis of what we want..

Let’s say that Twitter needs ad income. Let’s say we need better transportation or cheaper food or a home repair or a book.

Now instead of advertising intrusively on Twitter, we save on things we designate because Twitter and its advertiser — NAME — are devoting money to reduce our costs. Making our ride cheaper, our home safer, our reading more interesting or whatever we want more available.

Big data should be able to fine-tune this. We could reciprocate by signifying what we want and need.

I want to ride the Subway free and I am looking for various clothing items. Whatever I am looking for is what will reduce my fare on the subway. I get a little card or a message telling me what I have achieved by expressing my need and thereby reducing ad intrusiveness.

Advertisers and persons can work together to fine tune such patronage.

I am sure this is more or less where things will move, since the current course is collision-bound.

What I propose is rational if folk just begin to point the quest for relevant data in the right directions.

Stephen C. Rose writes daily. Medium is his drafting board. Kindle his marketplace. You the reader his hopeful supporter. He promotes his thought and art on Twitter and has his own publication on Medium calledEverything Comes which any new writer can join on the way to finding his or her way. Drafts of his fiction completed and in progress can be found onCoffeelicious which is also a Medium publication.