Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


I do not know how many lives a person has

I’m referring to reincarnations

Assume with me that they are real

A novice, starting Soul might have many lives

Add intermediates and older Souls

And assume the world’s a mix of all of these

All advancing at different speeds


We cannot measure all our lives

But assume all who have lived are Souls

And they have returned at various intervals

Some might spread out over centuries

Others linked together through millennia

It all amounts to quite a narrative

Souls back to rectify past errors

Souls here to help others achieve

The reasons Souls choose coming back are many

And sometimes they bring a Soul family

It all adds up

And it’s the way things are


Somehow experience of life will elevate

The plenitude of Divine creativity

Perfection never has stood still

Heaven’s energy moves forward all the time

And if we wish to know what makes life tick

It all begins above with Souls and their free will

We cannot say how many lives we’ve had

Although some could under hypnosis suggest

That some Souls have been back and forth forever

And that each person is an instant

In a story of varying length

In other words there may well be an order

Of which most of us are unaware

But when we die we shall recover our awareness

And find among all Souls explanations



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Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose


steverose@gmail.com I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!