How to act

How To Act

Stephen C. Rose
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Triadic Philosophy is about actions and expressions. Actions and expressions are the culmination of Triadic Meditations.

  1. A Sign
  2. is submitted to an Ethical Index

3. It emerges as an Aesthetic intention that is influenced in the direction of Beauty and Truth.

Acts and expressions are the result.

Suppose the Sign is your plan for the day.

You submit that to the Ethical Index — Tolerance, Helpfulness, Democracy (these are the ACTIVE values).

You say to yourself, “Beauty is Truth. Truth Beauty.”

You then submit the consideration to Non-Idolatry.

This may take the form of the One you regard as your Higher Self. Or of Abba, the One Jesus suggested we pray to. Or simply of yourself as one with whom you are comfortable.

This is where you literally get what Dylan in another context calls “a good talking to”. It may be understood as a voice of friendship which includes also the emphasis of conscience.

By now you are aware of what you might express, in a message, to yourself and/or friends. And you may also be aware of what you intend to do as a result of the counsel you have received during this process.

The time of a triadic meditation may range from five minutes (common) to fifteen minutes. You do one to three of these in a typical half hour.

Triadic Philosophy is more than the practice of this meditation or the version you tailor to your own taste and needs.

What I have suggested is something that takes place during a recommended half-hour a day when you walk by yourself.

As you walk, alternate the above with five minute segments devoted to the Abba Prayer or another text of your choosing. Or simply silent meditation. It should include acknowledgement of fallibility and an affirmation of the reciprocal forgiveness follows daily admission of one’s own wrongs.

Here is my version of the prayer which may be sung or spoken to yourself. Sometimes when I sing this to myself I hear it being repeated.

As you can see, acting in Triadic Philosophy is a conscious, willful exercise, combining solitude, movement, parsing signs, arriving at intentions, forgiving and being forgiven.

The power of this daily half-hour may be quite stupendous, even life-changing.

A daily mode of penitence and affirmation opens the way to freedom. The explicit actions of Triadic Meditation generate often exceptional productivity.

This is the center of what this is about.

This is how to act.

Open the gates of forgiveness. Be aware of the power of positive decision based on universal values. You will be acting in tune with the very progress of the cosmos.

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Stephen C. Rose

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Everything Comes

LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven