How Twitter Could Leave Facebook With its Mouth Open

Stephen C. Rose
Jul 18, 2015 · 2 min read

Facebook has a major problem. It is unusable. It is intentionally unusable. Its motivation is to keep me there. That’s why, if I am trying to do something, it is right on me with a zillion interventions.

And then if I find something I feel like tweeting, I am cooked.

Sharing on Facebook is a literal dead end. You can share only on what? Your timeline? Your page? Your group?

Now Twitter is not exactly a user’s paradise but they could probably corral some of their Medium folk and gussie up something that would at least leave Facebook in the dust.

What Twitter should do is create a Facebook-like component as an optional addition to everybody’s Twitter profile. It should, while at it, get rid of multiple accounts. What I am proposing will make Twitter ten times as large with no padding.

Facebook has a simple idea which can be replicated better than FB does it. It links people who, at least to start, are real friends past and present, beginning with family. That’s all it does.

There is absolutely no reason why Twitter could not do the same in a slimmer, smarter way. By tailoring this add-on to profiles, it opens up massive options for true networking while ensuring that, if I want, I can have the pick of real friends and family at my beck and call and still reap the clear benefits of Twitter.

Call such an add-on Nests or something similar and have a ball figuring out what it would look and be like. It would woo from Facebook folk who cannot or will not deal with multiple networks. It could offer existing Twitter accounts a chance to Nest followers who are indeed friends and seek to build better and larger audiences for their sayings and updates.

Twitter need do nothing other than this to make every naysayer on Wall Street and elsewhere at least consider the option.

Stephen C. Rose has written a number of books (Fiction/Non-fiction). You can tweet him here.

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Everything Comes

LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven

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