Spin me arouond

I am looking for publications to join

My story is this. I am a slow study. I write. I have written forever. I write anything and everything. It is the territory I live in. Writing and thinking.

Also solitude. Avoiding cliques. Being nonviolent. And writing books. Lots of them. On Kindle.

Also seeing Medium as the MIDDLE TERM between Twitter and Kindle.

So the thing is:

I finally figured out that stories that get recommended on Medium are mainly in publications. But that it is not the easiest thing in the world to find your way to one of them creatures. You might query them and get a reply that would not warm the cockles of your heart. I do not have the heart for such things.

So this is a bald faced request for invitations to YOUR publication. I will even include my email since it seems to me the ideal way to do this would be to get a nice note saying “Steve I have added you to our list of authors” along with any caveats.

Wow! Thanks. Sure. YES!


will do the job.

Like Norman Mailer I have had the temerity to offer an advertisement for myself. I am under no illusions. I know the ways of things. But hope springs eternal and my stuff is good. So this is not about what you can do for me. But what I WILL do for you. Or something like that. Cheers.