Are you “huge” enough to not tip while the barista is watching over your finger swipes?
Fox Kerry

321 #fromright

I tip my hat

Well let me think

Beside me my McDonalds

large cafe with its aesthetic

multi-layered cup

I am too busy to go out

and wait somewhere

though on my block

a Starbux sits.

It is a bridge between two worlds

and it attracts those of us

who have learned to go from one to the

other and back with some facility

Beneath the bridge lies paving

so you won’t get killed if you

jump off

At some point the world will get


But I have learned that

unless it is Breaking News

enough times

nothing will happen

So in a sense we become more passive

with the tolling of the more distant bells

and more inclined to be bent out of shape

by the nearer sounds.

What can words do midst this morass

Oh more than you might think

For finally we do not know

where pushes come from

or how miniscule they might be

Why they might set off chimes of freedom

before I take another sip