I’m Not Looking for Work

But I was tweaked somewhat by this description which has elements of bravado but also serious elements of commitment to finding something beyond what’s out there.

This bespeaks frustration. It bespeaks a sort of resentment that our words do not seem to convey to others what we “know damned well”.

I would like to propose that the certainty thing is the problem. The very need to arrive at something, anything that will be noticeably different than anything out there, that will resonate with all the sparkles of an apposite new thing, is fatuous.

These days it is becoming puzzled, being puzzled, that seems to me the context for moving forward. That is something you cannot brand. It is something though that makes a great editor, a Tom Winship sort of person who instinctively knows what is truly puzzling.

The problem is that such a person does not generally succeed in today’s instant certainty market.

Your candidate should be someone who can answer none of your questions save with the substance of the response: It puzzles me. She or he will be the new Oblomov.

The Last Drop: A Cautionary Tale

Everything Comes

LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven

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    Everything Comes

    LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven