Introducing a New Form of Book






By Stephen C. Rose

“Abba wants us to enjoy life where being good is the way to live.

“Our culture is a decibel-pounding effort to woo us from attention to simple decency.

“Abba is not an author of special effects.

“Abba is practical. We should live in arks. Or at least be flexible (AKA tolerant).


The above is from the as yet unpublished evolution of what I mean to be a new form of book.

These books may be Memorial Maxims

a term from Charles Sanders Peirce who said

our acts and expressions stem from

our inner repetition of memorial maxims

things we have gleaned from listening

and reading


Memorial Maxims lodge in the mind

Maxims emerge when needed

They spur life along

We might call them memes

or even tweets

They may be a new form of writing


The four sentences above are a unity

in the flow of the book of which they are a part

Each small cluster is a thought bubble

a unity


Something not a poem or quote

Maybe somewhat aphoristic


These little scraps can be added to

and redone and moved

and otherwise made impermanent

til froze in texts

that readers thaw


Texts we call books of all sorts

will all become online


These are meant to be evolving modes of pedagogy

Thought starters


Memory food

Units of insight

to spread thinking


to anyone


Ancient writing was a bit similar

One text would become the basis for another

There was some attribution

but ultimately it was

what was said

that counted

Memorial Maxims


It is my argument for an author

also being a publisher

And an individual being understood as

at once the heart of things

and also the most porous

and penetrable of beings

The book is no longer an event

a celebrity prompt

a gold bar


Peirce understood this

We shall as well

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