Everything Comes
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Everything Comes

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There is no beginning and there is no end.
Eternity describes this state of affairs.
When you live in it you are in its realm.
And all that takes place is what needs to occur.

What needs to occur is a love that will lift.
Such love is what unifies you and the ALL.
The ALL is the Dynamo Mind which exists.
Freely created to be All That Is.

All is a spectrum of every effect.
Effects being outcomes of all that is caused.
Everything thought is a causal agent.
Invisible small to invisible large.


Freely creating the Dynamo Mind.
Is not the beginning and is not the end.
Eternal, continuous, growing apace.
Ever mysterious, freedom creates.

Creation beloved in every respect,
Eternal offspring of every thought;
Thought multiplied beyond counting or sight,
All thought recorded meticulously.

Freedom must always come down to a choice
And every choice comes down to an effect.
Every effect is a conscious event.
The Dynamo Mind is a going concern.


Science is addicted to entropy.
The Dynamo Mind smiles and says syntropy.
A measure of order is needed to live.
Instead of revenge we’re advised to forgive.

Science is wed to material views.
Unable to see the invisible source
That creates from nothing effortlessly
Failing to perceive that Oneness is ALL

Science is genius, creative and true
When it perceives how little it knows.
When it it sees truly, it opens its eyes
Capturing glimpses of truth that can’t die.



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