Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


Media says a RED WAVE never materialized. So those of us who prayed for a Blue Wave were simply expecting too much. That’s not quite how I see it.

If the House ends up in Red hands, we face two years of odious Big Lie Trumpoid politics fomented by leaders who caved to Trump and held on to power. If by some sort of grace, we hold the Senate, we can be thankful that the GOP is overreaching in the House, ensuring that it will have only a two year window to spread GOP Bile.

It is best to think we lost.

2024 will be our chance to rectify our mistakes and get on a course of Democratic Decency of the sort Obama outlined in the closing days of the 2022 Elections. To win we must risk. We must risk that younger Dems will move into dominant leadership positions. We must risk that Dems will come up with a ONE PAGE Promise to America that will be an across-the-boards pledge to stand for a global commitment to a peaceful future in the face of dictatorial regimes and GOP Wealth Politics. Someone must speak for us all with inspiration drawn from a great well of idealism now under terminal threat. If we could blend Barack and Bernie we would be close to success.

I give us two years.

I depend on the GOP to help us every step of the way.

I pray for a Dem Awakening powered by new voices who see what is at stake.

We will either recover our Government or watch the US fragment into anarchic segments with no sense of unity and a willingness to accept decline as the price of bare survival.



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Stephen C. Rose

steverose@gmail.com I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!