Jesus finds a full household

Stephen C. Rose
Apr 30, 2016 · 2 min read

They got to Capernaum in late morning and walked past low buildings toward the center where there stood a simple synagogue. A small distance away, they came upon the simple dwelling of Peter, enlarged to accommodate Andrew’s family.

The two were well known fishermen in the area. Capernaum was, tax-wise, a good place to live, just a short walk from the Sea of Galilee.

Peter and Andrew were gone. Jesus looked through the door. Two women stood to greet Mary.

They talked softly, out of hearing range. Mary returned.

“I think you’ll be able to stay,” she said. “The men be back later, but Imma knows Peter’s mind and has a mind of her own. They rarely disagree.”

“Who is the older woman?” Jesus asked.

“That’s Imma’s mother, Mara. You’ll meet them all.”

“I do not want to take up space,” Jesus said. “I could sleep outside.”

“We’ll talk later. Meanwhile, say hello.”

By nightfall, the men were back. Andrew’s wife Johanna appeared along with several children. It was a full household. Jesus was impressed by the speed with which the men readied a shed protruding from the side of the dwelling.

“There,” Peter said. “A bedroom fit for a king.”

Within a day things were well-established.

Jesus had been made welcome. And he had been listened to. He shared with six receptive persons what he had in mind.

It was well-received.

In a week Jesus already ventured to the nearby synagogue. There he began to tell a growing number of listeners exactly what he had come to say.

Word spreads fast in such an environment.

Jesus was described as a teacher. As someone who speaks with authority. As a young man without airs or pretensions.

Jesus discovered outside of town that he could replicate to his satisfaction the solitude he had known near Nazareth.

It was clearly time to talk with Abba.

Everything Comes

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Stephen C. Rose

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Everything Comes

LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven

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