What is this freedom business?

Jesus follows up from “The Adventures of the Teen Jesus Part Two”

“Abba I do not understand something.”

“What Jesus?”

A light breeze crossed the face of the sixteen-year-old. The sky was blue. Soon though it would be twilight.

“My mother Mary says she talks to you but uses a different name for you. Not Abba. She says you do not talk back and forth like we do. Instead, she prays. She says she calls you the Holy One.”

“Jesus, we are supposed to be talking about the way of blessing. Plainly you have something we need to discuss.”

“I’m sorry,Abba, but I talked to her and it just came out. She says she prays to you and calls you the Holy One. It reminded me of the men at the synagogue. I don’t understand how we can be as we are, you and I, and she — well she isn’t the same. I thought everyone could talk just as we do.”

“Listen, Jesus. Just three words. Ready?”

“Yes. Of coursae. I’m listening,”

Abba spoke slowly.

“You chose me.”

Jesus waited a moment and answered.

“I did choose you. Yes. Didn’t Mary too?”

“She did. But Mary is Mary. And you are you. You and I talk all the time. Very few do that. It does not mean anything in terms of how things are or what I think of anyone.. I take each person as they come. Do you remember how you came, Jesus?”

“I was disturbed. I called out. You answered.”

“What did you call?”


“Correct. What do you think Mary calls?”

“Holy One.”

“What’s the difference?”

“One is more down to earth.”

“Exactly. But that does not mean your mother is like the men around the Synagogue. Your mother is down to earth just like you are. But she does not need to talk to me all the time. She already knows a great deal . She is very wise. There is a reason things are as they are, Jesus.”




“That’s right, Jesus. If Mary wanted to be a teacher and a healer, she would come to me and we would talk. I will do anything anyone asks of me. That’s my freedom. The freedom you have is the freedom to ask me anything. And you do. That’s your freedom. Everyone on earth can approach me, Jesus. What does it mean if I say ask and I will give it to you? Or seek and you will find? Or knock and the door will open?”

“What does it mean?” Jesus said.

“It means you have to ask. You are free and you discover the truth as you ask? I am here for everyone. Now let’s talk about blessing.”

Stephen C. Rose is the author of Triadic Philosophy . He writes daily on Medium . His books are available on Kindle . Twitter is the center of his activities online.

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