Jesus Goes Back to The Garden

Jesus felt a weight on his shoulders but he didn’t mind. It was the weight of the knowing he received. So simple and so true.

There was immortality. A promise beyond life. But it could not be described. It was an awareness. It was was known by passing from this state to that.

The awareness was the truth about what lasted and what did not. What time retained. What time erased.

It all went back to that infernal Garden story. Where God is blamed for making good and evil secret. The stuff of priests!

Abba made good and evil crystal clear. It was implanted in the brain of every person. Harm pure and simple. Harm and hurt.

We were aware of it but it soon got hidden away in the wiles of culture and the strategies of humor. On the byroads of cynicism and sophistication. In lies we told ourselves.

We do survive. It is us who judge.

This life is important, The next is just the way things are. Normal. Inevitable. Like dreams.

Life here and now’s the issue. Finally, we see it whole and true.

Jesus would tell people to pray to Abba. He would refer them to the realm of Abba. He would teach the way of Abba. He would not say “I am Abba. You can be Abba too.” They’ll know soon enough.

Jesus would abolish old laws. Along with hurt and harm. Along with shame and Satan.

Forgiveness acknowledges freedom, choice, error and action. These things require a daily turn to Abba to defeat the past and clear a way.

We survive.

Jesus knew it before he talked with Abba years ago. Now he understood. Unity!

With Abba.

Something you always were. Something you grow into. You see it in the looks of newborn babies.

Please note. These are drafts. As they are moved to publication they are deleted. The current work is in the process of publication as UNITY in the Adventures of Jesus Series available on Kindle. It is scheduled to appear sometime in May. To access the current series google “Stephen C. Rose Adventures of Jesus Series available on Kindle”.

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