Jesus says — “Now I know what I will do.”

But Jesus saw it was not touch alone. The touch had come from freedom he had known. Rachel had been free and so had he.

It did not mean they acted differently. It meant that love and freedom were the same.

The freedom, he now saw, came from the heart. The lifting of all weights till it was light. It was a healing freedom. Mutual. It did not mean we should all run amok. It meant lives lived with neither guilt nor shame.

What lifted shame?

Abba’s forgiveness did.

Jesus went back to Peter’s house and taught. He felt no obligation or command. He just let truth come out as he perceived. He did not seek approval. He just spoke.

“Do unto others as you’d have them do.”

“Give blessings freely.”

“Where belief exists then heal.”

“Support the righteous.”

When there were questions he explained. Mary sensed something inside had changed. “What are you planning?”

Jesus looked up, then said, “Time is short.”

“What time?” said Mary.

“My time,” Jesus replied.

“You fear the fate of John, is that not true?” Peter was speaking. He spoke sparingly.

“I do.” said Jesus. “There is not much time.”

Minna said, “You have moved so rapidly. It seems the people seek you night and day.”

“I have much to explain.”

“Who sent you?” Andrew asked.

“I am Abba’s,” Jesus answered.

“Abba’s?” Minna asked.

“We are all Abba’s,” Jesus said. “I say this prayer. ‘Abba you are holy. Father. Friend. Let earth be heaven. Give us bread. Forgive us. Just as we forgive. And then save us from evil.’ ”

“What of all these other names for Abba, what of the Sabbath rules?”

“Ignore them all,” said Jesus. “Abba’s lord. We can be one with him. Everything is—”

“Is what, Jesus?” asked Andrew.

“One with Abba,” Jesus answered. “Abba in us all.”

Mary said, “What has changed?”

Jesus said, “Nothing. But now I know what I will do.”

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