Jesus — Why do you say Abba and not God?

Caleb asked Jesus, “Why do you say Abba and not God?”

Jesus answered. “Abba is not God.”

“How can that be?”

“Let me go back to my beginning with Abba,” Jesus said. “When I called out as a child, I called to Abba. Abba is the name that came to me. Father. Friend. Companion. Helper. Mother. Sister. Healer. Lover.”

“Please, Jesus, you are going so fast,” Caleb cried. “I cannot take it all in.”

“Abba is a name, a word,” Jesus said after a wait. “Words point to things.”

“Abba is just a name? Pointing to what?”

“Truth. Beauty. Justice. Creation.”

“Isn’t Abba the creator?”

“Creation continues. It unfolds. Abba exists now. A person speaking and responding. Creation is everything moving forward. Abba responds. Abba helps. You can pray to Abba. Seek forgiveness from Abba. Forgive everyone. Abba will hear you. Abba is creation’s voice.”

“Are you the son of Abba, aren’t you?” Caleb asked.

“Of course. Everyone can be. Everyone is if they come to be themselves fully.”

“People say you are his only son. No one comes to Abba but by you.”

“That’s religion, Caleb.Abba’s not religion. I say there is none good but Abba. People forget that. Goodness is everything I say Abba is.”

“The church thinks you are the way.”

“We are the way, Caleb. If we trust and follow Abba. It does not involve worship or adoration, It doesn’t involve buildings and authorities and organizations.”

“You named Abba.”

“I doubt it. I called. He was there. I might have called Friend. He would have answered. I like the name Abba.”

“We are the namers then?” Caleb asked.


“But he exists as more than a name.”

“Of course.”