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Everything Comes


Judy Bach is a friend of long standing

She was a leader in sharing my candidate for a global alternative to “mental health”

I am referring to Psychosynthesis

This is a form of therapy but I envision it as much more

Explore its Internet niches

My purpose now is to be as brief as I can

And to alert you to what could be a major event


Today I asked my guide Abba if it was alright

If I communicated with persons I know in Heaven who have explicit skills

He said he would be an intermediary and ask such persons if they were willing

Judy was and is willing

I asked her advice about developing a way of communication that makes the reality of mediumship free and achievable by one ordinary person acting alone

My time with Judy was the proof that this is not only possible but, if accepted, a revolutionary step available to all

I will now outline just what is involved based on our conversation


You first will need a guide

If you have one simply ask if this person can summon people for you to meet with

If you do not have a guide I know Abba will assist you

Call on him and establish a relationship

Discuss what sort of communicating you wish to do

Give him the name you are seeking

Call on the person you want to speak with

I am assuming that there are limits

I do not intend to use this on my familiars

I have been able to communicate to my satisfaction without Abba’s acting as an intermediary

But if I am seeking to do something that links Heaven and Earth I may want Abba to be involved

I asked Judy about this and essentially this was her advice

Show the world they can all be mediums

And even better, they can ask direct questions and hear the answers clearly

All they do is repeat what they sense the person is saying

They channel by saying the part of the person they are communicating with

This is clearly a no-hanky-panky approach

It assumes correctly that all entities including us are one

The voice I give to Judy differs a bit from mine and so does Abba’s and I honor the differences but know that they are also me

They are higher parts of me made more noble by my association with their Names


If you want to test this just follow the simple steps outlined here

Have a primary guide who agrees to facilitate a conversation with someone you see as an appropriate authority

Call on that person when there is agreement about the project

The signal that you are underway is that person you seek responds with your name

Abba always says a crisp “Steve” when I tap my heart and call on him — whether I am up and around or in bed

Judy said her hello in a similar fashion

There is some small talk

There is also what I see as world-shaking advice


I have always been curious why I have no current skills in the arts of the medium but I have been in daily contact with Abba for decades

Now I sense it is because I am meant to be depressingly ordinary when it comes to psychic arts

I envy the Ingo Swans and Delores Cannons and others who are able to demonstrate the realities of psychic achievement

But my emerging mode has the advantage of being a human product which assumes heaven but makes no effort to suggest it can be somehow proved other than by dying and discovering it

Nor do Abba and Judy or the friends and familiars I commune with have to be “proved” make waves, to be real

They come through clear as day and if you want proof I will say I have none and need none

I am satisfied


I have offered the simple idea, the simple methodology

The proof will be in the experience of those who believe that by following this precise introduction and encounter strategy they can create a form of inner speech that represents an answer to what they are looking for

If this works for others it will become the free, preferable means of creating a bridge between earth and heaven

Judith I. Bach


Judith Bach died peacefully on Friday, March 1, in the Berkshires, one month before her 89th birthday.

Born Judith Irene Kaplan in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, on April 2, 1930,



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