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Our planetary system is the only one officially called “solar system,” but astronomers have discovered more than 3,200 other stars with planets orbiting them in our galaxy. Our solar system is just one specific planetary system — a star with planets orbiting around it. NASA

Our Solar System consists of a star called Sun orbited by planets familiar to us.

Why, pray tell, have we not found human beings teeming on our nearest planetary neighbors?

Because a galaxy like ours has more than 3200 Suns (or Solar Systems) and it is likely that humanoid planets will occur as few as nine times within a Galaxy.

Only eight Suns in 3200 might have human-occupied planets to complement ours.

By human-occupied I mean beings with Souls (higher selves), Astral bodies, Chakras and the other features of human beings. I mean beings who conform to us in essential respects.

Now when we come to galaxies, numbers become monumental. The range is set at around 100 billion galaxies aiming at 200 billion. If humanoid planets are all around us, there are more than enough galaxies to hold them.

And vastly less chance of finding them.

This provides a sense of the needle-in-the-haystack location of humanoid life in our universe. Our playing field is immense.

Further, when a planet begins to cool, it becomes uninhabitable. So humanoids will, over time, occupy more than one planet.

Exploration occurs.

Millions move.



Space Ships.

So, assume a galaxy like ours is part of universal space, containing nine inhabited planets, drawn from 3200 possible solar systems.

We are only at the very beginning of discovering other beings like us out there.

I have fashioned this small piece from an inference based on The Thiaoouba Prophecy, available free at Thiaoouba.com



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Stephen C. Rose


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