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I have been prompted to write a letter to a child who has flipped — who now believes the false lies that are abroad. Such letters are of huge importance. I write it with pleasure.

Dear Most Beloved One,

I am aware you feel secure believing our election was a fraud and that as a white child growing up in America you are beset by groups that wish to win you to a way of fear and hate.

That is the only thing I will write about the huge problem facing you and thousands of others who feel the same.

I want instead to share with you the foundation of Jesus’ message. In my own words:

Division is Diabolic.

Division is a form of unreality.

It snares everyone who gives credence to messages that target scapegoats and foster hate of outsiders and blame others for our real or imagined misfortunes.

If your beliefs are poisoned by the hate that rises from this scapegoating, know that it has only one cure.


I mean expelling poisonous beliefs.

Facing down a demonic effort to win you by deception, lies and fear.

The one sure cure is this :

Go inside yourself. Gently breathe.

Then say “I am.”

“I am” is you coming into direct contact with your precious, sacred Soul.

In that very moment, you recover your true self.

Such an act can save anyone from the grip of those lost to hate, fear, and violence.

The Author of Who We Are is always there for you.

This Creator of Everything states our only purpose here is to advance spiritually.

You know this is right.

You know this is the case.

The consequences of allowing division to invade you are immense. It makes all the difference to reject division and embrace the Love available to every Soul who seeks it.

Believes its loving purposes.

We are to love ourselves and then all others unconditionally.

We are to accept that we are immortal because we are all part of the Creator.

We cannot be destroyed by any force or power.

Oh my Beloved One, believe this day.

Send fear and hatred packing.

Embrace instead the inner power of your Immortal Soul.



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Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose

steverose@gmail.com I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!