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Everything Comes



The Cosmos consists of an expanding number of physical locales, many of which have Souls as residents. Earth, among these, is marked by a history that has led to serious questioning of the Soul itself. This is because Souls in essence are far removed vibrationally from their Earthly counterparts. This in turn is because the missions of Earth Souls are based on agreements that enable them to explore limits and possibilities of existence in the material Cosmos.

Life on Earth is an amalgam of freedom expressed as love and upbuilding of all, and freedom as a choice that can create conditions of hurt and harm.

Earth has made great advances. At the same time, it has created the means of its own destruction. Earth Souls are often locked in conflict. Many remain committed to progress beyond destructive freedom. Others regard Earth’s flaws as an excuse to lay blame outside themselves.

Blaming increases danger. Efforts to alter opinion on Earth falter when the dictatorial and consensual actions of powerful interests magnify risks.

The situation is made more serious when concerned Souls regard themselves as special, rather than as individuals equal to all others. Such Souls distort messages they claim come from heaven.

The message of Heaven is simple, direct and universal. Souls are to aspire to love that is unconditional. Love of self. Love of community. Love of all.*

Those who distort this create cults of personality and institutions that claim all truth. Their communications distort or ignore the simple message of the paragraph above.

Why are Earth Souls not given the same immunity Heavenly Souls possess? Because Creation is a unified project of both Heaven and Earth. Heaven is the guarantee that universal and unconditional love prevails. Inhabited planets like Earth test limits and possibilities.

Heaven relies on continuing exploration to improve and develop as the Creation enlarges and moves forward.

Even as progress continued on Earth, it became necessary for a major shift to take place. As Earth time elapses, more and more are becoming aware of the unified nature of Reality*.

All Souls are a unity wherever they are. On Earth or elsewhere. Freedom remains. It is everywhere a choice that enables each person to achieve awareness as the unique presence they are.

Grace embraces the entirety.

Freedom is the fuel of its creativity.

Mind — heart informed — is its Creative source.

Souls in Heaven continue our advance toward full awareness of Creation’s purpose.



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Stephen C. Rose

steverose@gmail.com I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!