Why I’m Secretly Rooting For President Trump
M.G. Siegler

Marco? Forget It. Trump Is A Child of Destiny



Well at this point it seems Trump has blown it. Though the points made below have a certain truth, they cannot undo the amazing damage that Trumpian hubris has wrought. He has larded his effort with defensive bile and failed to be honest with either his supporters or his enemies. The good he is now doing is helping rid us of the very people he would have humiliated politically had the suppositions below proved out. Sic transit Trump.


Since Marco has yet to win any primaries I am not holding my breath. Donald will win, most probably sooner than later, breaks being what they are.

Now as to his seriousness, I do not have the insight to opine. However I will suggest that he has a legitimate chance, not only for winning the GOP nomination, but the White House as well.

I have long since assumed a Clinton-Trump election.

It is likely that Trump has a vastly better chance of advancing Obamacare than Hillary does. The GOP can always sneak progressive measures by its voters as Nixon showed with EPA. Just as long as they think it is their idea, the GOP is mollified.

Trump is vastly less hawkish than Hillary is. I would consider voting for him on that basis. And maybe even on the fear-me basis since it worked reasonably well when we had to endure it during the Reagan era.

I doubt very strongly that Trump could pass any of his outlandish shockers, but watching that unfold will be worth it as the best reality TV ever, after the campaign of course.

And I cannot wait until Trump goes full bore trying to win Latinos and African Americans as the hapless party he is remaking watches in stunned acquiescence.

All told, I do not think Marco would be half the man Trump already seems to be.

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