My Wife Is Magic

I speak and

like that lantern

she delivers

Why just last night

I said Nathans

as she set out for the Met

after a day apprising

the world of its human rights

deficiencies which is her endless job

She always asks me if

there’s anything she can get me

I said a Nathan’s hot dog

reaching for the comic and absurd

which is what I do

This morning as she was

out again on her early morning walk

I rolled out of the bed into

the dark dawn air and

when I made my way to the fridge

and opened it lo and behold

a white paper bag on my shelf

something new

Now mind you she went to the Met

and there may be a Nathans tucked into

the chaos that remains Times Square

Indeed there must be and it must be 24/7 too

as everything should be

In any case that paper bag

contained a yellow rectangular box

and in it

from it

wafted the unmistakable essence of

Oil of Nathans

aka hot dog breath

My wife is magic

like God of old

She is a living story

She delivers

She is impossible

All these things make her

Queen of my heart

and an endless source of wonder

I will show you love

in a handful of such incidents.

Stephen C. Rose is the author of Triadic Philosophy . He writes daily on Medium . His books are available on Kindle . Twitter is the center of his activities online.