Mystery is at the core of everything

‘God created the universe’ is supposition

‘We do not know … yet’

is the only truth

And that is by design!

We are not meant to know everything

If we were

we would

I call the Word Abba

I could call the Word God but he would not

be the creator of the universe

(He might be. I don’t know)

He does not have a hand that could do me in

or cause floods or anything else

we suppose God to do

Does that diminish God?

Not for a minute


Mystery can be said to have certain

characteristics we CAN comprehend

Creation or the universe

or whatever we call it

moves forward

Creation allows for chance

Creation likes regularity

Creation has rules

some of which we understand

All of which

we live by

whether we know it or not

Whatever we call Word

is the Interpreter of Mystery

All our suppositions and

poetic theophanies

are efforts

to penetrate the Mystery

When Moses cannot get the Mystery

to say more than I AM

he gets as far as we have been


Supposition is part of reality.

So too are good and evil

Abba is the one who tells us how

best to function

in this school we all attend

If you can get this far


and welcome

to the world.