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“One by one” — from from “The Adventures of the Boy Jesus”


When a child is aware of bullying and exclusion, it is hardly news that growing up will bring more of the same. Nothing says everyone will be sweet and reasonable. It was hard for Jesus to see this when he was close to rapturous because Abba was with him. But it was Abba who sounded the alarm. And it came soon.

“Fear and ganging up are your enemies, Jesus. You, Jesus, will be reviled. It may happen sooner than you think.”

“Why? Because I know you? Because you are my friend?”

“This is a time to reveal truth,” Abba said. “Truth creates fear and ganging up.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The family mainly. How we obscure reality. Reality is everything, everywhere.”

“What do you mean?”

“People will see family very differently in time.”

This reduced Jesus to silence.

They had wandered some distance from the town. There was no one nearby.

Abba spoke again.

“Jesus, you are no longer just the child of a mother and father. You’re the child of all. Whatever you come to be called, you are the child of all.”

“Who is all?”

“The human family. All people. As long as the world is divided, evils will continue. Justice will not be done.”

“Then how can we say we are one?” Jesus asked.

“By bringing people to see the truth, one by one.”

Jesus kicked a stone and watched it skitter away.

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