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Peirce — Go Figure

I am tempted to write nothing. My philosophy understands logic to have a structure which is what I take Peirce to say as well. Mine is Reality Ethics Aesthetics, a triad, to replace all past triads. Not replace, but become a rung on a ladder as it were.

We cannot do anything without relationships. It is that simple. Choosing them and understanding them is what life is all about.

Peirce: CP 2.119 Cross-Ref:††




119. The long discussion of the Classification of the Sciences to which the last section was devoted was intended to bring to light the mode of relationship of logic to other theoretical inquiries; or, at least, to make the author’s opinion explicit; for as yet the truth of what has been said remains to be proved. It is, however, not a heresy but a doctrine very widely entertained, since Auguste Comte wrote, that the sciences form a sort of ladder descending into the well of truth, each one leading on to another, those which are more concrete and special drawing their principles from those which are more abstract and general.