There is a depth I saw it

Pinterest is a license to steal

Not really oh but yes

I love their motto key phrase branding words

a catalog of ideas

What more could any of us be or become

Steward Brand is smiling

Buckminster Fuller nods

Kate Millet does not demur

For to fix us

as we fix ourselves

is our most grievous


We are nothing and everything

We have roots we discover as we go

Let none have power to wrest us from our inquiry

adding to what we know

or forgot and now remember

A mere catalog would not quite cut it

it is ideas that captivate and make

ideas as images

The whole thing resonates

Ideas are what we do

Ideas are one with act

I have a simple idea

We do not need cars

We can design sans sprawl

densify without sardine existence

We can make a new world

All proceed from being car free

Few see

But when a premise lasts for fifty years

and history begins to slowly nod

you may be onto something

or nothing

depending on whose ideas have more strength

and resonance

when you can image it

First you can’t

and then you can

Or someone can

in your community

of ideas now global

Why copyright is now at last

and providentially

a doornail

like work as enslavement

and income as deserved