Post Racist


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We are moving slowly but surely to a post racist-world. Racism has no place on our planet.

It is not whistling in the wind to believe that we are moving past racism.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of communion with persons of different races knows that there is no basis for stigmatizing by race. We really are all the same.

Distinctions based on race draw on the history of racism and refuse to see that there is no basis for a world based on divisions of any sort. We are one people and the values that should guide us are tolerance, helpfulness and democracy.

There is only one distinction that affects everyone and it is always changing.

This is the distinction between good and evil, between acting in a loving and free manner and acting in a thoughtless, selfish and injurious manner. All people move up and down this spectrum. We are free. Our choices tell who we are at any moment.

This chart is the only honest and truthful way to distinguish among persons.

Beauty among us is to be ever higher on this chart.

Racism is falling before the light of truth.

More and more it is front and center as it is exposed for what it is — a sorry mode of ganging up and exclusion, the product of mindlessness and a lack of self-respect and the capacity to think critically.

Racism is falling before a massive volkerwanderung.

We are in the middle of an exodus, a global movement of the people, an exit from the past. There is a blurring of identities that in the past were the basis of invidious distinctions. Every day we are discovering gifts that have been hidden from us by the virus of racism.

Equality has been understood throughout recorded history. It is lodged deep within the conscience of humankind. The story of racism is the story of power, hierarchy, and above of evil, our choice values that say no to love and freedom, to truth and beauty.

Racism is finally a personal decision which we need not make.

Those who do make it are descending into evil. Deliverance from that evil is ongoing worldwide. This deliverance is the prelude to a world in which racism no longer exists.