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Everything Comes

Reality Beyond the “Provable” is The Experience of the Experiencer

Put another way, Supernatural accounts are impossible to validate

Why is this a problem? If I have an unprovable experience — and I have large and small ones often — and I tell about it, does anyone need to know that because it cannot be touched or measured, it is not reality? If this is so, the entire subjective experience, that is to say Conscious, experience of the world is unreal. That is clearly wrong. And it’s obvious.

Entirely measurable experiences, like terror shootings, are real but they are also dead wrong.

We do not know whether we are idealists who should look at everything material as illusory, unreal, or whether we should see our desks and computers and footballs as real.

I see everything as real. I see the voice that spoke like a radio announcer from my Crown Chakra area and prompted me to a major advance in creating my Triadic Philosophy, as real. I see the lifting of a weight of guilt and anxiety from me, after an experience with Jesus, as real. John Wesley at Aldersgate said his heart was strangely warmed. These were real happenings. If they were not supernatural, what were they? Individual experiences.

Reality is all. And All reality is processed by individuals.

If one wants to insist that everything that happens to me be investigated to see if it is real, I say things are real to me and I have no concern if they are not real to anyone else. Why should they be?

C. S. Peirce said that proofs are deemed scientific, AKA true, when over time enough minds are agreed, he is suggesting that all theories are tested ultimately by popular opinion. Things change of course. Nicotine is no longer deemed safe. One day bullets will have the same fate.

Everything is always up for grabs. Nothing is fixed. What we deem real is what seems real for now. What we deem real that rises from deep within each of us are imaginal events which are certainly real to experiencers and those who believe them. But the minute some critic assumes that Reality is fixed a simple glance at, um, Reality shows that it changes, no matter whether we are talking industrial poisoning or Charlie’s out of body journey to the Astral realm.



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Stephen C. Rose

Stephen C. Rose


steverose@gmail.com I am 86 and remain active on Twitter and Medium. I have lots of writings on Kindle modestly priced and KU enabled. We live on!