Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


Nietzsche. Wittgenstein and Peirce

Were all for revaluation

We live by the values that we venerate

But we can reevaluate them

And we do


The will to power is a simple move

It’s owning our control of consciousness

It’s seeing that we’re free to choose its contents

Then to order them

So we do


The optimum direction’s universal

Say your conscious mind says tolerance

A recognition that all life is sacred

A free choice to love all that is

Make it true


The optimal way upbuilds all things

Thus we might choose conscious helpfulness

Helping everybody as our strong intent

Spreading balanced love to everyone

And us too


The optimal way is pure democracy

Equally respecting every Soul

Honoring all actions without judgment

Honoring the rights of every Being

And ours too


Continuity toward what is agapeic

That’s Peirce’s vision of Creation’s goal

Wittgenstein warned us against vain speaking

Nietzsche’s speech was cut off for ten years

It was so


Today the keyword’s still revaluation

Every value is now up for change

What we come up with will be the future

What we reject will be history

Real is so



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