Satan & me

The sins I commit, are the hardships I must submit to 
This feeling leaves me suffocated, asking for oxygen and a new way to live
There’s this tango I have with an evil guy, a man with no eyes, no fear, no shame, no dignity, no pride
All he has his manipulation, something he uses so well 
What he cares to do is bring you down with him

Under shadows, empty spaces, a jail cell 
somewhere that’ll make you go crazy 
He’s not lazy when it comes to getting in your head
he is everywhere, near the living and the dead
Defeating him is a objective only meant for the strong
with his two horns sticking up in the air,
I will grab them, pull them out
slay him
devour his soul
just to prove him that I won’t take his abuse anymore.

Too many days I have been left crying,
dying inside with nobody to give me comfort
What I wanted was help but he pushed me
shoved my body to the ground
i didn’t even bother to make a sound,
his sight wouldn’t let me get a word out
my suffering was his joy
Eating my heart, ripping me apart, 
the purpose he served was to tear me down
now it’s my turn to see him with an awful frown.