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Saul Alinsky and His Critics

This Kindle book preserves an important piece of work related to one of the most influential community organizers ever. Saul lived and worked in Chicago during an era when everyone smoked and the culture wars that bedevil us still were taking shape, along with the Cold War. This brief but highly informative work will tell anyone interested what Saul’s method was, how it worked in practice and how the American churches reacted to an avowed controvertialist who had a taste for headline-gaining confrontation. I managed to lose a career for writing this piece and other actions during the 1960s that made it impossible to continue in my original profession as a theologically trained journalist. Since then most of the structures of liberal Protestantism have experienced substantial attrition and any leadership in those precincts has likewise retired to relative anonymity. It was a different time. I was in the thick of it. And then like a flash it was over.