Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


Seeing is believing. Therefore See

Watch my world unfolding happily

A simple gaze and Heaven is in view

Let us see whatever may come through


Oh, the lights are resting in midair

Before parallel bars across the street

Close by a boat riding on rolling waves

Upon a card that speaks of Fathers’ Days


My keyboard stands before a plastic box

Filled with what suggests a paradox

They once were papers I just had to keep

Now they lack all motion. They’re asleep


Could I revive within me the music I once made

Or even replicate the chords that I once played

I’d be a YouTube hit most certainly

With endless Spirits watching over me


Then everything would turn to comedy

And that may be the truth of all I see

No gravity, just pataphysical

No mourning the demise of the political


See and believe. What do you see

Everything comes oh so readily

Matters not why how or what

It’s all divine. No if. No but



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