Stephen C. Rose
Sep 7 · 1 min read

Souls are integral to mind

Material processes as well

Everything is one though placement


A process that thought powers

All the time


There is time and no time all at once

Souls are precious close

Think precedence

But all-embracement renders all things One


So yes the answer is that lives are planned

And yes the answer is that God’s mind rules

And yes the freedom exercised is real

And so is a dust fragment floating free


Do not attempt to divide what is real

Assigning place and prominence your way

Your way will never fathom how things are

Your clarity comes when things sweep away


Accept accept accept the mystery

What has been said is merely answering

We talk we talk and will talk endlessly

There is no fundamental we can grasp

Everything Comes

LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven

Stephen C. Rose

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Everything Comes

LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven

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