Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


Religion is yesterday

Spirituality tomorrow

Religion is not idolatry

That is just nothing

Religion freed from nothing

Is treasured, hallowed texts

That speak experience

That lit the past’s hard ways

Religion in that sense continues

Facilitating Spirit

As Spirit life sprouts up


Names and origins

Won’t matter

Only Love will rule

There’ll be a hundred choices

Of good ways to manifest

Beyond collapse a fruitful rising

Will easily occur

New ways to operate

New underlying values

Spontaneous resolutions

Spirit life on earth to guide

A new awakening


No proselytizing

If there is

Walk on

Souls, only Souls, will be

The foundation

Of a world which says

We’re not Religious

We are Spiritual

A world that soldiers on

Through endless realms of Love

Testing new ways of community

Built on blissful inspirations

From an endless realm of knowing

As each day we live anew


This is a time of migration

Toward the shores of Consciousness

Within us all

We gently let past forms die willingly

And when past forms voice their objections

We lovingly migrate away

Into an exodus that calls us

Toward the new

A better way



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