spring — 2015

at a beach making memories with friends 
while falling in love with the blue sky and white fluffy clouds
somewhere in May 
it was senior skip day
beautiful blue water crashing onto the shore
kids running around enjoying the sun
lovely women in bikinis
dogs strolling along with their owner on the boardwalks,
then there came a moment that i’ll forever remember
there was a sturdy machine in the open
aligned with two or three others 
for people to flock to
a little girl saw me cleaning my feet of that pesky sand
once i was done i backed my feet away
and put my slippers back on
but in the meanwhile i still stood there
i pressed the button for her and let the water run
she came to the machine and cleaned her feet
then she went hopping away joyfully 
as her mother watched with a big smile on her face

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