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Saga Elements

The assault on the ego

The assault on the ego has many guises

All are futile and wrong-headed

even though the heads the perorations come from

are good and verified in the world

They may be recondite shrinks or Wayne Dyer striding with his little hat

Everyone needs a trademark

But does everyone need a scapegoat to deal with our spectrum nature

without acknowledging what it is or how it works

C. S. Peirce understood

The fellow at Riggs who wrote about moving beyond the dyad understood

But the sort of writing that blames the ego persists as does the binary thinking that underlies it

Roberto Assagioli and Ken Wilber also understood

What we call the ego is a fiction and cannot be separated from who we are in toto

Good and evil are also a fiction though consequences are very real and negative consequences do not stem from what is called the ego but from decisions that are generally conscious or nearly so

Consequences that hurt and harm are evil by any name we wish to use

They result from allegiance to what we call selfishness which is a diminution of the self

Have I said enough?